6 Dental Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

Dental digital marketing is changing in ways people never thought would happen. People no longer want to go someplace to talk to a doctor or even have an appointment. Staying safe at home has become a priority, and will likely stay that way for a while.

So what are some digital marketing trends for dental practices that you can take advantage of in today’s climate? You should keep in mind that most marketing trend involves using a more personal and empathic approach to marketing. For example, live streaming from members of the dental team at your practice keeps your clients informed.

That’s just one example. There are a few more you can take advantage of we can talk about here! So, read on for six dental digital marketing trends for 2021!

1. Omnichannel Marketing

No matter the digital marketing trend, you need to keep in mind that there is no single way to market to your customers. If you want to show up in a Google search, you need to have a few different channels of communication with both potential and current clients, like a social media presence and targeted ads and video. You can read on here for more!

2. Imaginative Dental Marketing Campaigns

Doing the same campaigns over and over does not work in today’s instant gratification world. Think about your target demographic and design a digital marketing campaign centered around their sensibilities. You want fun, meaningful content that connects with potential patients and current ones, too.

3. Live Chat and Chat Bots

Your dental website should be using things like live chat and chatbots to field questions from potential and current clients. While not as personal as telemedicine, this does allow for limited communication between dentists and their clients. Using a chatbot along with this allows the bot to field frequently asked questions so your staff doesn’t have to!

4. Create Video

Creating videos for various social media is a good way to introduce people to the dental team that works at your practice. From “meet the dentist” videos to more “behind the scenes” types of videos give clients a preview of the type of atmosphere and different personalities that your practice has. Live streaming especially can build a connection between you and your clients.

5. Create Positive Word of Mouth

No marketing is better than good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing. If you focus on creating an atmosphere of empathy and caring for your clients, they will tell others of the experience. Keep patients happy by making the contact procedure, appointment check-ins, contactless payment options, and setting up text and email notifications easy to set up.

6. Work With Local Influencers

If there’s a person in your local market that has social media reach, consider reaching out and working out a deal with them to advertise. Giving the person a free cleaning in exchange for talking about it on Instagram or Twitter can widen your potential clientele. It may seem unconventional, but that is the sort of digital marketing that gets results.

Dental Digital Marketing

Dental digital marketing can seem complicated but is, in fact, becoming simpler. While still reaching out to different people, it is also becoming more personal as more interaction goes online. Don’t get left behind, use these digital marketing trends for your dental practice!

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