You are currently viewing A List of Top Hotels to Visit While on Business Travel

A List of Top Hotels to Visit While on Business Travel

A List of Top Hotels to Visit While on Business Travel

As we are moving, slowly, past the lock-downs of the pandemic, most business individuals find themselves ready to travel in search of business opportunities. It can be pretty challenging for traveling entrepreneurs to find the best hotels when traveling around for business. Since most of them are in constant travel around different parts of the world and require tailor-made hotels to their specific need to make sure that the job still gets done.  There are many business travel hotels to choose from.

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Traveling for work does not mean you need to sacrifice style or international flair. Here is a list of some of the best hotels on the global map and what they have to offer different from other hotels.

The Concorde Hotel

This hotel is in New York City. The perfect location for a businessman on the go because of the various amenities it offers. The hotel provides both luxury and efficiency. The suites offer luxury accommodation allowing the traveler to rest after having some long flights. Furthermore, the hotel is in a central location to access business meetings within the shortest time possible. The high-speed wireless s internet connection and mailing and printing services are exceptional so that the business traveler can continue working smoothly. Also important for business travel hotels, the fast room service and dining experience offering a wide selection of meals within the shortest time possible. As we know for business travel, there is no time to waste.


Threadneedles is in London. If you have some businesses to attend to in the city, this hotel offers the perfect ambiance for the traveling entrepreneur. The rooms in the hotel are modern and have a touch of class. The hotel is a preferred choice by many traveling entrepreneurs because of the business amenities it provides.

The amenities include a high-speed internet connection. Internet is vital for any entrepreneur as they need to be connected to the internet to continue engaging with clients and employees through the different social channels and formal communications through email. The staff at the hotel are friendly. Additionally, the hotel offers complimentary newspapers and wireless plugs.

One Aldwych

The hotel is in London. It is among the top business travel hotels in this city for any budding business traveler. What makes the hotel different from the rest is the chic modern rooms. They each have a comfortable mattress. The rooms are powered with high-speed Wi-Fi, several power outlets to keep your gadgets powered, and the docking place for your devices is a plus for a traveling entrepreneur to ensure that your workflows on smoothly uninterrupted.

Additionally, the original art pieces make the rooms burst into life. The social amenities, such as the active bar in the lobby, is a perfect place to unwind and relieve some business tension after a long day.

Knowing that entrepreneurs face a myriad of challenges, they need a place to clear their minds. The hotel has a swimming pool to ensure that the guests can immerse in the swimming pool to rejuvenate and maintain fitness while still on the move.

Waldorf Astoria

The hotel is in Chicago and is a perfect blend for any traveling entrepreneur. The amenities are among the best. The hotel room has terraces and soaking tabs, making it ideal for freshening up after work. The private dining area offers privacy where an entrepreneur can host different guests. In addition, the Waldorf’s impressive boardrooms allow the business individual to hold meetings with investors and other strategic partners while staying in the hotel.

The Orchard Hotel

The hotel is located in Singapore. It offers the best packages for any individual traveling for business purposes. The package entails the transport services that are ready to take the entrepreneur around for business meetings. As we know, traveling on business is limited on time, the additional complimentary laundry and shoe-shining services come in handy. It meets the lifestyle of a business traveler who needs access to essential services. The fantastic team at the hotel is comprised of chefs and event planners that make it easy for you to hold dinners for your guests while staying at the hotel.

Manchester Grand Hyatt

Manchester Grand Hyatt is in downtown San Diego and it offers several services for the average traveling entrepreneur. The benefits include an indoor meeting space making it easier to hold meetings in the hotel. Manchester Grand Hyatt offers plenty of space to handle every business need. The staff is friendly and fast, meeting the needs of the guests. Additionally, the hotel has a golf course where a business person can unwind while playing golf after having a hectic day.

The business travel hotels, as mentioned above, offer both luxury and attend to the business needs of clients. For your next trip, you may consider visiting some of the hotels as they provide impeccable services. They are guaranteeing you the best stay while on the move.

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