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Ashneer Grover rubbishes claim that he bought a table for Rs 10 Cr

Ashneer Grover, the founder of BharatPe who has been in a public fight with the Board of the company, mocked reports that he spent Rs 10 crore on a dining table, and said that the media shouldn’t “fall for BharatPe Board (undisclosed sources) lies.”

The implication is that the “undisclosed sources” talking about Grover and leaking his personal information are people from the board of the company. He has also previously stated that the board is leaking information about him and his family during the review process through the month of February that led to him resigning on March 1 midnight.

In a Twitter post, Grover mocked claims that he had spent Rs 10 crore on a table, saying “Is it a space rocket? Is it a time machine? No it’s a ₹10 crore dining table!!” Grover continued, “I don’t hold the Guinness World Record for most expensive table ever. Nor do I intend to.”

The original report actually stated that he had spent $130,000 on the table (which would be around Rs 1 crore), but multiple media outlets inflated the number. Presumably, Grover was responding to this inflated number he saw in the press.

However, Grover addressed that discrepancy as well, saying that his table was “not even worth 0.5 percent” of the Rs 10 crore number. He said that he would rather spend that money investing in a business and creating employment for a 1000 people.

He signed off by taking another shot at the board and BharatPe investors, who he called “spineless” in the aftermath of his resignation, by saying “Self Goal (Loss of Credibility) by BharatPe Board / Investors – 1 : Lavishness – 0.”

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