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Building smarter, swifter and superior games with AI/ML

The pandemic has caused upheaval in nearly every industry. However, if there was any sector that was equipped to handle this global change, it’s gaming. As customers stayed at home, engagement skyrocketed and gaming companies had to find new and innovative ways to drive business and increase a player’s Lifetime Value (LTV). Therefore, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) which have been driving big changes in tech, is a pivotal player in the gaming revolution.

The sharp rise in gaming enthusiasts – in India, and across the globe – led to companies increasingly eyeing AI/ML asthe solutions have led to significant improvements in player experiences and retention. In fact, AI/ML has helped game developers build their games faster, create new experiences and operate their games more efficiently. Machine Learning models, today, are focused on improving predicting player behaviour and finding the right solutions for the toughest challenges in gaming. Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged to create immersive and highly realistic experiences in a shorter span of time. The possibilities are all-encompassing and transformative.

Intelligent and immersive games

According to KPMG’s ‘Beyond the tipping point’ report, the overall state of the gaming market in India for FY21 was 433 million users and the industry generated Rs 136 billion in revenue. While these numbers predict a bright future for gaming in India, they also point to a growing appetite for faster and intelligent gaming. In response, companies are utilising AI/ML to build personalised gaming experiences, monetise gaming, detect fraud, automate speech recognition and improve the quality of the games through play testing.

In order to showcase the benefits of harnessing AI/ML in gaming, YS is hosting the StartUP Webinar series, in association with AWS, on September 2nd. Click here to register.

What to expect

The StartUP webinar session – Building smarter games with AI/ML – will take place on September 2, at 4:00 PM. The session will look at how game developers are utilising AI/ML to solve problems in gaming, followed by specific services to enhance the player’s experience and relevant examples from game companies. The final segment of the session will deep-dive into two of the most common ML use cases in the gaming industry. These are:

Anomaly detection: Gaming’s rise in popularity has also opened the floodgates for fraudulent behaviour among players. Fraud can devalue in-game currency, and the digital goods that are purchased with it. Fraud also significantly affects customer trust and eventually the game’s lifetime value. These malicious actors must be detected and banned from the games in order to prevent these consequences.

Revenue generation: Gaming companies gather reams of data on users, and this data can be monetised by incorporating personalised content recommendations. Machine Learning models can help game developers and companies identify players that are more inclined towards in-app purchases. Moreover, these same models can help customise ads that are relevant to players to improve monetisation.

Why attend:

The one-hour session is jam packed with insights, demos and use cases to highlight the importance of AI/ML in gaming. Here’s what you can expect:

  • How to build more engaging and personalised game experiences using AI/ML
  • Expert tips to improve business outcomes by harnessing Machine Learning
  • Stories of experts and customers who have successfully leveraged ML to achieve quick, efficient and measurable results
  • Demos and solution architectures

The featured speaker – Arun Kumar Lokanatha, AWS Startup Solution Architect – will lead the session, offering his insights, share case studies and conduct the demos. If you are a CTO, game developer, game producer, data scientist or data engineer, this webinar is designed for you!

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