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Derek Grant on Qualities Every Great Sales Leader Should Possess

Episode Summary

Sales people. There are a variety of different backgrounds and styles. Each sales professional has learned different methodologies and ways to be productive. Yet, in 2021, there is no universal professional track for sellers to grow themselves professionally. Why?

Tackling the above and more, noted creator of company culture, speaker and sales expert Derek Grant of Salesloft delivers a hearty serving of perspective on the modern-day sales leader.

He shares what it takes to build a stellar company culture and how to lead with visibility. He dives into why being intentional matters and how social selling fits into his strategy. Derek even shares a story being “value shamed” by his team and the importance of being called out as a leader.

Sales and marketing professionals at all levels will find value in Derek’s interview. He has a knack for storytelling as he shares his tips for holding people accountable as a leader and so much more!

Meet Derek Grant

During the last 6 years at SalesLoft, Derek has served as the leader of Commercial Sales, Account Management & SDR teams, helping define GTM strategy for all 3.

Prior to SalesLoft, Derek led the Pardot Sales team for 7 years through the journey from a pre-revenue, bootstrapped startup through 2 years at Salesforce as part of their 3.2B ExactTarget acquisition.

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