Does Your SEO Division Of Digital Agency Have These Essential Components Covered?

SEO has transformed a lot ever since it came in to existence and several advancements have begun in modern SEO. Nowadays it is quite rare to find an SEO company capable of performing everything that is required for their clients to rank higher in the search engines. If you are business with sufficient budget, try opting for multiple companies that specializes in different areas of SEO. Either you can have your own team in place if they are skilled enough or else get help from a digital agency for performing the SEO related activities of your company. Both will work in favour of you if you have the given components covered in the functionalities being performed by them. Especially if you are going to hire an SEO team for your business, make sure they have specialists in these areas of SEO for getting the best outcome for your business.

Requirement 1 – SEO Manager

There should be a person who is responsible for managing the SEO of your company and a SEO manager is exactly the most important requirement. The person would always have a bigger picture in mind about how to improve your business compared to other SEO experts who are more concerned about the tactics being used for accomplishing their work. The job of a SEO manager is more about working with clients and providing tips that would help enhance their business. This may include focusing on the payment agreements, satisfying the requirements of clients and introducing proposals for new projects. Furthermore an SEO manager should keep up on their promise and this may include involving those professionals whom they considered as essential in ensuring the success of the client’s business. They will also have to manage the SEO employees who work for the clients. SEO manager should make the SEO experts aware about their duties and responsibilities clearly when it comes to working on a given project. They should be also able to motivate their employees. The dedication of SEO manager remains the same irrespective of whether they are working for small, medium or large-sized businesses.

Requirement 2 – Content Developers

Are you dreaming of an increased organic search traffic for your company? Then the success mostly relies on content marketing. Unless and until you are producing high quality and relevant content for your audience, there is no way you see an increase in the search traffic. Therefore it is desirable for you or your digital agency to have at least one content developer who can write the best content for your business. If the content developer also has experience creating videos or Infographics, then it is going to be an additional advantage for you. The content developers can also be of significant advantage for your company when it comes to preparing the desirable content for email marketing too.

Requirement 3 – Web Designers & Graphic Designers

Content is not enough for your website to look awesome online, Design is what is going to make the difference. If proper design is tailored for your website within which the content could be added smartly, the results could be above your expectations. A web designer would be responsible in creating custom images for all your content. It is highly unlikely to find a single person with both design as well as writing skills. Therefore ensure that there are two individuals with one of them specialized in designing and the other person in writing. It is up to the SEO manager to ensure both the designers and the content writers are on the same track for getting the best results. Otherwise your business will end up writing much before designing or designing much before writing etc. It is always desirable to employ a designer or hire a digital agency having a designer or hiring a designer on a freelance basis so that they could purely focus on designing and the specialized skills required for designing your website.

Requirement 4 – Link Builders

Link Builders almost are related to Public Relations in SEO even though there are quite a few distinctions between the two. Both Link Builders and PR are responsible in reaching out to other users in the industry which would help establish relationships that would be mutually beneficial for your business. Therefore PR skills are very important for the professionals in the SEO Company involved in link building.

Requirement 5 – Technical Experts

It is very good to see a majority of the SEO Consultants focusing more on the content aspect. At the same time ignoring the technical side of SEO can be very damaging. The technical side of SEO is the basis of all other parts of SEO and ignoring it will reflect in the end results wherein you will be struggling to get the desired results for your business. That is why an expert in Technical SEO is required for your business. These technical SEO experts are often known as SEO Analyst. They understand your website architecture far better than anyone else and quickly do the analysis regarding any SEO flaws within your website.

Other key job functionalities handled by an SEO Analyst includes,

  • Optimization of load time
  • The keyword optimization of your website content or blog content etc
  • Optimization of internal linking
  • Split Testing
  • Implementation of rich snippets

The SEO analyst will have sufficient programming skills and are often seen working closely with the software developers and furthermore they can even make most of the changes by themselves in small WordPress websites. However for larger custom websites, a dedicated software developer is required.

Requirement 6 – Developers

The only one person that can modify your website and enhance the user experience of your website is a software developer. Most of the SEO companies might have a software developer. If not, you can either hire a freelancer software developer or can employ a full-time software developer within your company. A software developer can be a very important requirement for the growth and development of your company.

Requirement 7 – Account Managers

There are times during which an SEO Manager would feel overburdened with responsibilities. There comes the importance of an Account Manager who would be responsible in handling the basic client communication post-sale. They will be more involved in generating the work reports as well as results. The reports being generated by the Account Manager is very important for an SEO Manager in staying on top of their team members through enhanced performance at the same time helping the SEO team members to understand what kind of results they are producing for your business. Thus Account Manager helps reduce the time consumption otherwise an SEO Manager would have to spend. Account Manager is also responsible in handling other responsibilities such as customer support wherein they will be the first line of contact whenever any issues or questions arise for the customers. Most of the time, an Account Manager will be addressing the customer issues and would resolve it effectively. But at times when they are unable to resolve the customer issues, only then the issue would be passed on to the SEO Manager.

Requirement 8 – Email and Social Media Marketers

There is no other way to get the best return on investment (ROI) other than email marketing. Social Media being another effective channel for specific niches and it is desirable to perform email marketing and social media marketing by separate members within your team. Depending on your SEO team, the roles and responsibilities of an email marketer and social media marketer may differ considerably. Both of them have a substantial role in the content marketing strategy for your business as the content is often used as a means of promotion in email as well as social media websites. There are circumstances during which an SEO Manager would take the role of email marketer as well as social media marketer and then assign the required email or social media posts to the copy writers or content writers. It is yet another area where reports are needed on a regular basis for documenting the progress.

Requirement 9 – Conversion Rate Optimizers

Not many could have heard about a Conversion Rate Optimizer as in many companies it is just an optional role. However having a Conversion Rate Optimizer can help you earn better results if they are included within your SEO team. They are responsible in optimizing the process by means of performing split tests. It can be of enhanced importance for your business especially if the SEO work is delivered to your clients or managers in your upper management levels within the company. This is because none of the business wanted to know about the actual rankings, but is more concerned about the results or impact of those rankings which might include the revenue, profit and search traffic etc. A Conversion Rate Optimizer are usually part of the general marketing team rather than being a member of the SEO team and they often work towards doubling or tripling the conversion rate after performing several tests. Thus the conversion rate is tripled instead of working towards tripling the overall SEO traffic. Moreover if both the conversion rate for your business as well as SEO traffic is tripled, the end-results for your business could be very much surprising. Split testing is more about enhancing the process of transforming your visitors in to customers in addition to performing split testing using email outreach tactics. Thus a Conversion Rate Optimizer would require improved access to your business including important functionalities such as email, blog, analytics, social media and website as a means to implement the split tests.


These are the most essential areas to be covered while you hire an SEO team for your business. Whenever you hire a digital agency, ensure they have these experts within their SEO team and you should also have a very good understanding about how the SEO Company operates through directly communicating with them or researching about the SEO Company and their team on the basis of information being provided within their website. Thus you will be able to get the best end-result for your business by looking in to these aspects before you hire the desirable digital agency to enhance the growth and development of your company online.


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