You are currently viewing EIT Health announces Bridgehead’ programme; join hands with EIC to scale European health startups

EIT Health announces Bridgehead’ programme; join hands with EIC to scale European health startups

In a move to support European health startups, EIT Health has announced the launch of their ‘Bridgehead’ programme supported by the European Innovation Council, the first rollout of activity for their recently agreed pilot collaboration.

“We are happy that the EIT and EIC pilot collaboration is now stretching its wings via three new Horizon 2020 funded projects, among which is the ‘EIT-EIC CollabPilot’ coordinated by EIT Health. The collaboration will provide the opportunity to test synergies between organisations and programmes, exchange ideas, support the best innovators and entrepreneurs and reach out to local innovation communities. We look forward to collaborating with EIT Health,” says Jean-David Malo, Director of the European Innovation Council.

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‘EIT-EIC CollabPilot’ project

The year-long ‘EIT-EIC CollabPilot’ project will be aimed towards enhancing Europe’s innovation and breakthrough technologies in healthcare. The project was funded via Horizon 2020 with €1M and is coordinated by EIT Health. 

The collaboration project also allows startups to easily move between selected EIT Health and EIC programmes, and therefore, find the best support depending on their needs and opportunities. 

Flagship EIT Health programmes including Bridgehead, Gold Track, and Bootcamps, will be offered to EIC-supported ventures under the collaboration.

“EIT Health has vast experience in supporting start-ups specifically in the healthcare sector, as well as a large network from which to tap into. By supporting both start-ups discovered by EIT Health and the EIC, we can ensure that the very best are given the backing they need – whether that is funding, skills development, investor relations, or knowledge and contacts to scale outside of their home country,”  says Kurt Höller, Director of Business Creation, EIT Health.

“The partnership between EIT Health and the EIC will allow two powerful advocates to come together to accelerate European start-ups with the full force of our respective resources. We’re starting small in the pilot phase, supporting 28 start-ups through Bridgehead and, later, our other popular programmes including Gold Track and Bootcamps however, we hope to expand in the future,” he added.

Bridgehead programme: All you need to know

The Bridgehead programme supports startups that have a proven track record in one or more home markets.

During the programme, startups will get funding and guidance from members of EIT Health’s vetted European network of top-notch accelerators, incubators, or clusters, who advise on feasibility within intended markets and open the right doors to establish and grow cross-border business.

EIT Health: What you need to know

EIT Health promotes entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing, providing Europe with new opportunities and resources. 

It enables citizens to lead healthier and more productive lives by delivering products, services, and concepts that improve quality of life and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare across Europe.

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