You are currently viewing from Elon Musk claiming to be an alien to a ZincGel-based battery chemistry changing energy

from Elon Musk claiming to be an alien to a ZincGel-based battery chemistry changing energy

CRED Founder Kunal Shah thinks Tesla Founder Elon Musk may, in fact, end up running over four $500 billion companies, and so, had many questions to the man himself on how he does it. 

The questions were sent on the micro-blogging platform Twitter, and even Harry Potter came into the conversation as Kunal referred to Musk as the ‘Dark Lord’, in reference to the central character of Lord Voldemort.

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From EVs to batteries, where Elon Musk has inspired a whole generation of entrepreneurs in India. 

Offgrid Energy Labs, an IIT Kanpur-incubated startup aims to make a difference with their product ZincGel. The startup was founded by Tejas Kusurkar, Brindan Tulachan, Rishi Srivastava and Ankur Agarwal in early 2018.

Offgrid’s ZincGel batteries are zinc-based and utilise materials readily available in India. Most importantly, they are non-toxic, in contrast to lithium ion and lead acid.



Moving on to a third-generation businessman, who is helping the automobile industry scale up. 

Anuj Talwar, Joint Managing Director of Talbros narrates how the company diversified from gasket manufacturing to forging, became public listed, overcame challenges and competition to reach where they are now. 

Talbros is one of the leading suppliers of automobile parts in India, raking in Rs 688 crore in group turnover, and eminent clients like TATA Motors, Jaguar, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ashok Leyland, General Motors, Honda, and Hyundai among many others.


Anuj Talwar, Joint Managing Director, Talbros Automotives Components Ltd

Then we have an entrepreneur making his entertainment business scale up.

Viraj Sheth, co-founder of Monk Entertainment, believes it is very important for entrepreneurs to find the right partner/co-founder with whom they build their business. He personally thinks that it is advantageous for entrepreneurs to partner with someone whom they know personally or socially

Viraj Sheth, Monk Entertainment

The entrepreneurial journey for Viraj began right after completing his graduation with his college senior Ranveer Allahbadia, popularly known as BeerBiceps on social media

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