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Get insights on funding and connect with investors from home at YourStory’s Investor Summit

There are many startups and entrepreneurs who have faced problems in scaling ahead due to a lack of funding despite having a great product in hand. Fundraising can be a complex process, but there are several questions that surround it. From queries about the right time to raise capital to those about pitching ideas to investors and seeking a specific valuation, the list goes on.

To give entrepreneurs a guide to secure funding, YS is hosting the Investor Summit 2021, a first-of-its-kind platform where the best of minds from investment, innovation and the startup ecosystem will get together to deliberate on several themes that are driving conversations and policies today. The themes include pre-seed funding, creating fruitful online communities, the art of launching an IPO, creating sustainable moats and valuation game.

An action-packed digital summit

In its previous editions, the summit witnessed participation from 190+ investors, 300+ startups and 3,500+ connections. This year, it is going to be even bigger, better and virtual. The summit will bring together a curated set of audiences to engage with investors and attendees through multiple networking formats.

  • Matchmaking – You can filter participants on the basis of various criteria like origin, industry or funding stage to help you find your perfect match. Directly connect with your person of interest via a chat or schedule a call to exchange ideas and explore new business opportunities.
  • Campfire – Each session is led by one of our Star Pioneers, who are carefully selected industry experts that are ready to share their insights and knowledge with you. Each campfire session will host up to 10 participants for 45 minutes of valuable discussions.
  • Roulette – You can ‘bump into’ our other attendees, such as corporates, investors, startups and aspiring entrepreneurs in randomly assigned 5-minute video calls. Use the chance to quickly get to know interesting personalities.

What’s in it for participants?

  • Attend in-depth sessions from industry pioneers on fundraising, paperwork, compliances and structure of deals
  • Listen to successful startup founders sharing their fundraising journey
  • Connect one-on-one with investors and experts to gain deep insights on the subject of your interest
  • Network with exhibitors and partners by visiting their booths
  • Get access to ecosystem connects and converse with fellow attendees
  • Discover the right talent to power your team

Investor-startup sessions

The investor-startup sessions allow 1:1 meetings that match select startups with relevant investors. They get the opportunity to connect with multiple investors to gauge funding interests and receive feedback. Further details about structure and format will be shared with the shortlisted startups.

The event will bring together renowned investors and founders from the startup ecosystem such as Amit Somani, Managing Partner, Prime Ventures; Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, Managing Partner, Upekkha; Ashish Dave, CEO, Mirae Asset Venture Investments (India); Nitin Golani, VP – Growth Strategy & Corporate Development, BYJU’s; Kashyap Chanchani, Managing Partners, The Rainmaker Group (TRMG); Seema Chaturvedi, Founder & Managing Partner, AWE Funds; Rupesh Kumar Mishra, Co-founder, Pagar Book and Siddharth Mehta, Principal, Shell Ventures, to name a few.

Also, this year, with the summit being location-agnostic, you can view conference sessions live or watch them on-demand at your convenience and from the comfort of your homes.


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