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Here’s how you can free up space now- Technology News, FP

Google, in November 2020, had previously announced to end its unlimited storage benefit to users starting 1 June. Some users might actually have to now buy the additional storage if required. For now, Google allows free storage of 15 GB, comprising Google Photos, Drive, and Gmail. People, who are currently below the 15 GB storage cap, won’t be affected by the new update. But once the storage begins to get close to 15 GB, Google will notify the users.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Google Photos had earlier allowed its users to store unlimited ‘High’ quality photos (compressed to below 16 MB) on the cloud for free. Now, ‘High’ quality and ‘Express’ quality “compressed” photos and videos backed up before 1 June will not be counted to the users’ Google Account storage limit. However, photos backed up in ‘Original’ quality before the date will be counted. Users can check their storage backup quality by visiting Google Photos app, clicking on their profile icon, changing their settings to ‘backup and sync’, uploading the photo size, and select High Quality or Express Quality, depending on the storage they have in their 15 GB storage cap.

They can also delete unwanted photos and videos from Google Photos, to stay within the 15 GB limit. The tech giant may introduce a new free tool in June that will let users find blurry, low-quality, and dark photos. It will help users delete them and stay within the 15 GB free storage limit.

On reaching the 15 GB storage limit cap, iPhone users can subscribe to Google One or Apple One to buy storage. Subscription plans are updated on Google’s storage page.

Apart from additional storage, Google One allows the ability to automatically back up your phone to switch handsets easily and help you get in touch with experts for better complaint redressal. Besides, it allows access to Google Store rewards and Google Play credits.

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