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Hiring activity witnesses 4 pc sequential growth in July: Report

Hiring activity witnessed an overall 4 percent sequential growth in July, and the uptick was mainly spread across metros, according to a report.

Compared to June, July 2021 saw a notable overall monthly growth of 4 percent in hiring across all metros, as per Monster Employment Index by

Overall job postings have also improved by 8 percent year-on-year in July, indicating a continued optimistic outlook for the coming months, it added.

Monster Employment Index is a comprehensive analysis of online job posting activity conducted by Monster India.

The report further revealed that job postings witnessed a positive uptick in industries that were previously in a slump due to the pandemic like travel and tourism, office equipment and automation, and real estate sectors.

Job postings in travel and tourism saw a steep month-on-month rise at 16 percent, a welcome relief to the industry that has been facing challenges since the onset of COVID-19, it noted.

Other industries such as shipping/marine (14 percent), office equipment/automation (9 percent) and real estate (9 percent) have also witnessed a month-on-month growth in postings in July 2021.

However, industries such as the government/PSU/ defence (1 per cent) and media and entertainment (3 per cent) witnessed a decline in hiring activity, it added.

Meanwhile, sequential job postings grew in Delhi-NCR by 8 percent, Pune (7 percent), Hyderabad (7 percent), Chennai (6 percent) and Bengaluru (6 percent) in July.

Monthly hiring activity was low or muted in certain locations like Ahmedabad (2 percent), and Baroda (1 percent), while Jaipur remained stable.

Recruitment activity across all job levels witnessed optimistic or neutral month-on-month growth, the report said, adding hiring for entry-level jobs (0-3 years) saw a growth of 5 percent.

Hiring in intermediate roles (4-6 years), mid-senior professionals (7-10 years) and senior professionals (11-15 years) increased 7 percent, 7 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

The hiring of top management professionals (over 16 years) witnessed muted monthly growth, the report said.

Despite the challenges of Covid-19 and its impact on the hiring landscape, we have seen positive growth in job postings across most cities. Jobs in certain sectors such as tech and IT are booming, as companies come forward to boost their tech enablement and improve workforce efficiency.

While some industries are doing better than others, we can be confident of seeing improvement in the coming months, given the active vaccination drives currently underway, CEO Sekhar Garisa said.

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