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How Japanese Open Network Lab Resi-Tech Successfully Supports Global Real Estate & Construction-Related Startups

Open Network Lab Resi-Tech (Onlab Resi-Tech) is a global accelerator program designed for real estate-related startups. The program brings together major Japanese real estate and construction companies with startups to work across corporate boundaries and create new values that will be essential in the coming era.

Applications from 171 Startups from over 40 Countries in 2020

Onlab Resi-Tech regularly hosts calls for applications to discover promising startups from around the world.

In 2020, Onlab Resi-Tech has received 171 applications from domestic startups with business ideas related to the new normal, such as workcations, digital twins, and virtual offices, as well as from overseas startups that offer ideas related to indoor and outdoor air quality improvement, digital twins, indoor positioning, and construction.

The program was carried out by taking full advantage of online services, enabling communication between domestic and overseas startups to overcome time and distance constraints. Onlab Resi-Tech has been collaborating with startups with the goal to:

  • give support from technology verification to service development
  • provide support for Japanese localization and market introduction
  • enable the co-creation of new services between startups and its partner companies

Full Commitment to Results, Achievements that Only Onlab Resi-Tech Can Make

Onlab Resi-Tech is Japan’s first consortium-type program that creates partnerships between companies in the real estate and construction industries. A Proof of Concept (PoC) is conducted simultaneously with multiple industry-leading partners, which facilitates multifaceted feedback from each partner on multiple technologies and services at the same time. For startups, this offers a chance to seize opportunities to grow even when resources are limited. Instead of simply matching startups with partners, Digital Garage also helps co-create services by offering hands-on support.

During the program, Onlab Resi-Tech encourages participation not only from those who are responsible for new business development at each partner company but also from on-site personnel according to the content of each project.

To maximize results and support the success of startup businesses, the accelerator provided regular online meetings and interview opportunities with end-users. Furthermore, Resi-Tech offered multifaceted support by leveraging the Digital Garage Group’s accumulated know-how, global network, and experience supporting startups in all stages.

Over 150 Program Alumni Active in Various Regions

Open Network Lab has successfully accelerated over 150 program alumni active in various regions. As one of the Open Network Lab’s programs, last year, 5 domestic and 2 overseas companies started to implement collaborative projects with Resi-Tech’s partner companies. Explore some of them below:

Japanese startup DATAFLUCT builds a platform that reduces the time and work that is required for land acquisition personnel to collect information and create reports. Through this program, the real estate company DATAFLUCT verified the effectiveness of products for management.

Mapsted, a Canadian startup, uses its indoor positioning technology solutions to improve convenience and productivity at terminal stations, large commercial facilities, complex facilities, etc. Moreover, Mapsted expects to reach unprecedented levels of accuracy with its market offerings.

US-based company Leela AI creates an AI engine that can learn and understand concepts with only a small amount of teacher data, and they have verified the effectiveness of using AI to detect anomalies and dangerous behaviors to improve the efficiency of security work and reduce accidents at construction sites. Participating in the program opened up many opportunities for Leela AI in Japan.

Applications for Onlab Resi-Tech’s 3rd Accelerator Program are Now Open!

The accelerator gives you access to corporate partners and support for your project – all approved by alumni such as Jun Inoue of THIRD: “The real estate industry is like a black box; it’s hard to know what’s going on from the outside. That is why I recommend this program to companies that want to learn about this industry and verify if their products are a good fit. Because developers are usually in competition with each other, there are no chances except this program for them to get together and collaborate. And if you can create something that exceeds expectations, it is fully possible that it may be adopted by all the companies. I don’t think there are many opportunities like this one. ”

Don’t miss out & apply for Onlab Resi-Tech by 26 August 2021!



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