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How KEYS Meta Mansions is disrupting to the luxury real estate ecosystem in the Metaverse

KEYS Metaverse by Keys Token will present to the world 8,888 unique virtual luxury properties called Meta Mansions on March 18, 2022. KEYS has announced an NFT giveaway of 888 Ethereum, set to be distributed 18 days after the Meta Mansions collection sells out. One winner will receive 800 ETH, while the other 11 will receive 8 ETH each. Winners will be selected randomly from the live stream.

“By democratising accessibility and amplifying participation in the real estate market, we aim to unleash innovation and economic potential that would not be feasible in our physical world due to entry constraints,” said Noah Kent, Chief Product Officer, KEYS Token.

What are Meta Mansions?

Meta Mansions, the primary residence of the KEYS Metaverses and Genesis NFT collection, is a premium collection of 8,888 luxury homes built on the Ethereum blockchain. The world’s first premium digital luxury homes are brought to life by Genius Ventures Inc.

Each Meta Mansion begins with an airdropped piece of land before transitioning into a fully interactive, personalised, and living environment in an elevated VR/AR/3D space. This exclusive Meta Mansions collection makes an unprecedented leap in developing real estate, business, socialisation, interaction, commerce, and entertainment.

Features of KEYS Metaverse

There are eight different biomes in the KEYS Metaverse and exclusive skins and texture packs.

  • Users can monetise their houses and enjoy access to special deals and discounts by monetising their homes.
  • Users can buy and sell items related to the KEYS Metaverse KEYS Marketplace, including Meta Mansions, lots, vehicles, avatars, furniture, art, and more.
  • The KEYS Content Engine makes user-branded, data-driven video clips that can be easily exported and shared on social media, similar to how AAA games create highlight reels of their users’ favourite moments.
  • KEYS incorporated an elite team from top AAA gaming companies and Hollywood studios for its Meta Mansions to create best-in-class graphics, engineering, and scalability solutions for the KEYS Metaverse.
  • Unreal Engine 5, the most versatile and precise gaming engine currently available on the market, powers the digital platform.
  • The KEYS Metaverse will be the most advanced Metaverse avatar creator in history, combining UE Metahumans with personalisation. Users will have complete control over their Metahuman avatar, including the power to transform their appearance.

Understanding KEYS Token

KEYS Token is a blockchain-based corporation that accelerates real-estate and luxury asset exchanges in the metaverse and the real world. Their comprehensive product pipeline includes cutting-edge technology characteristics like Web3 and augmented reality to merge the physical and digital worlds in what will undoubtedly be the next generation of real estate, the internet, and social networks, among several other things.

Integration with PancakeSwap

KEYS cooperated with pTokens to increase productivity and effectiveness, resulting in lower gas fees and significantly faster transactions. On March 10 at 8 pm PST, the KEYS Token will go live on PancakeSwap, an innovative, compatible blockchain project extending functionality and support of any Token to various platforms. Pancakeswap has the most users than any decentralised platform.

Last December, the KEYS token team launched their KEYCard V1, minted for 0.18 Ethereum, which sold out in a record-breaking 32 seconds. It is currently trading on OpenSea with a floor price of 18 Ethereum (as of Friday, March 11, 2022). The highest sale to date was for KEYCard #065, which sold for 18.5 Ethereum, showing the belief and trust that the KEYS community has in this project.

“We envision making the highest quality products and the most engaging user experience this space has ever seen. The date March 18, 2022, will go down in history as the pivotal day when we took the most significant leap of our life and forever transformed the real estate sector,” stated Nima Ghassemi, CEO, KEYS Token.

“People need to learn about the new world of real-estate commerce and value,” he added, “and Meta Mansions is well-positioned to dominate this new virtual economy for decades.”

Strategic partnerships

KEYS’ current token strategic partners include Navjeet Chhina, CEO, Genius Ventures and Head of Metaverse Development for KEYS Token; Ramtin Ray Nosrati, Founder, Huntington Estate Properties and renowned mega-mansion developer of more than 100 luxury homes for the hyper-rich elite; Miami’s Kobi Karp, advisor and designer for Meta Mansions, and architect for celebrities including Juwan Howard; Veliz Arquitectos, lead 3D designer for Meta Mansions; NBA All-Star Andre Drummond; and The Nightfall Group, a bespoke global-travel concierge and luxury-rentals company providing exclusive benefits to KEYCard V1 holders.

KEYS Token recently partnered with Blockwiz, a global crypto marketing agency that provides integrated cryptocurrency marketing solutions across crypto influencers, PR, SEO, and social media to strengthen online communities and meet their business objectives.

Find out more about the Meta Mansions on the official website of KEYS. For new updates and Airdrops, you can follow them on Twitter.

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