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How managed IT services provide a level-playing field for SMBs to up their tech game

The global IT managed services market is expected to grow over 8.1% CAGR during 2020-25, according to a 2021 market research by Lenovo and Benori Knowledge Solutions,. The market is expected to touch $329.1 billion in 2025, up from $186 billion in 2019, with the BFSI sector expected to contribute the largest revenue share. India’s IT managed services market is expected to touch $12.9 billion in 2025, up from $5.9 billion in 2019.

The reason why Managed Services is gaining relevance is primarily driven by its ability to address IT and security issues while being cost effective. Businesses no longer are compelled to choose between having to manage IT on their own by hiring a large internal team, or outsource the entire IT infrastructure to a third party company. Managed IT services offer businesses, especially small and medium businesses (SMBs) the best of both worlds by forming a hybrid approach that utilises internal IT staff while augmenting the IT team through third-party support.

This makes a strong case for businesses which often don’t have big budgets dedicated to building a specialised IT team to cater to the complex technology needs, that are increasingly becoming critical to maintain business continuity and resiliency.

Remote working and the heightened need for managed IT services

The scope of an IT issue is no longer limited to being a tech challenge but is a business challenge. This is more true today than ever before with remote working taking centre-stage and employees and clients accessing sensitive information via personal devices or even work-issued devices brought off-campus. While this offers flexibility, convenience and enables business continuity, it also translates into a source of vulnerability. For one, it is hard for internal IT teams to control internet access and security from a client or employee who is working remotely and offsite from the company’s network. This means that the endpoint devices are at risk of being vulnerable to security threats. This calls for a need to look at managed IT services to address the evolving and growing security needs.

As much as enabling endpoint security, managed IT services also play a key role in addressing the sudden development of IT issues. Issues like a laptop crash, the operating system not rebooting or even a login issue can quickly disrupt an employee’s workday and put business critical tasks offtrack. Even with hours of troubleshooting, sometimes the chances are that internal IT teams may not see light at the end of the tunnel. With dedicated professionals who have expertise in managing a certain kind of problem, managed IT services could save the day by resolving the issue, sometimes simply over a quick phone call. In addition, given the rapid advancement of technology, new problems are likely to arise for which existing internal IT teams might not have the knowledge or experience to solve. All this calls for a proactive approach to IT management and to keep up with the demands of a growing business in a digital world.

Let’s take for instance, Lenovo’s Smart Fleet Services, a managed IT offering. It takes a proactive approach to managing a business’ IT fleet. It frees up the business’ IT team by proactively managing all their endpoints through their entire lifecycle, providing both end-to-end and modular deployment models. From deployment and management of end user devices of both hardware and software enabling device performance optimisation, Lenovo’s Smart Fleet Services tackle day-to-day IT issues that are critical for business continuity and operations. Given that the services are device and toolset-agnostic, the services help even when devices used by businesses aren’t Lenovo devices. And, Lenovo’s Endpoint Managed Services also provides business with a Customer Success Manager, who becomes the go-to resource for answers to questions a business’ small IT team need most — from hosting monthly reviews on the state of the business’ IT fleet to proactively resolving IT issues that could slow the business down.

Enabling enhanced productivity and efficiency

But to limit the role and relevance of managed IT services to network management and security or managing day-to-day IT operations is nothing but an understatement. Managed IT services bring a lot of value to the table, especially in the area of advisory and support services to propel their digital journey in areas such as systems and IT Consulting, hosting application management and infrastructure services, among others. Managed IT services are increasingly becoming relevant for businesses that adopt multi-cloud solutions that would help them in managing data and applications such as Microsoft 365 tools. Working with MSPs like Lenovo Managed Services, businesses can expand their IT team, gaining much-needed support, increasing their own and the entire team’s productivity, collaboration, and security. By offloading the troubleshooting, onboarding, and day-to-day app management, Lenovo Managed Services can help the business’ teams stay focused, while collaborating in a secure and seamless environment.

Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Managed Services from Lenovo is an ideal solution for businesses who need support when it comes to managing their suite of Microsoft 365 tools. With CSP Managed Services, businesses can be rest assured that when something goes wrong, it gets fixed without delay. Instead of depending solely on internal IT or reaching out to a third-party when something breaks, CSP Managed Services enable a business to keep the apps up and running 24X7. To put it in its simplest terms, Lenovo Managed Services empowers businesses to make the most of their Microsoft tools by delivering real solutions for everyday challenges and technology needs. And, working with a singular partner brings in the advantage of streamlining the business’ IT vendors, management, and billing.

In spite of the evident benefits, all of this does not make sense for a business if it isn’t affordable. But, the good news is that managed IT services are. And, because of the affordability factor, managed IT services offer a leveling field and enable SMBs to up their technology game without having to worry about a lack of big IT budgets. Lenovo’s Endpoint Managed Services bring in deeper levels of hands-on management with insurance from business-critical issues and also lower IT costs through the use of a singular monthly bill for items ranging from device hardware to data backup and security tools. That’s not all, Lenovo Managed Services has offerings built to fit a business’ needs and budget.

Driving innovation beyond devices

From engineering the first personal computer to leading the world as the number #1 PC provider, Lenovo has always been dedicated to helping lead the revolution in advanced technology. And that revolution goes far beyond devices by offering services designed to help move the world of business forward. Today’s SMBs demand a dynamic and efficient IT infrastructure, and Managed IT services from Lenovo can be the solution that they have always wanted. The Lenovo Managed IT Services is tailor-made for SMBs, solutions customised with their specific needs in improved collaboration and enhanced security— real value and real services delivered in real time.

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