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How marketing can increase sales? –


How many sales are you generating?


Now, I’m not talking about a tool or anything like that, it really is copy. Just think of it this way. Someone lands on your site, whether you do ads or SEO or email marketing. They take off this product that you’re selling, but then they don’t see much, they just see a few sentences, maybe a picture, think they’re gonna buy know the fly over 99% of your visitors, don’t convert.


And it’s why you’re creating e commerce products. I mean come on you’re struggling like why am I not getting any sales, because of the cost.
They’re not interacting with a person.

When you go to a physical store, you’re interacting potentially with a salesperson, that sales pricing guide you, they help you to again this is the time for the show. Oh this looks good. Oh no that doesn’t look good, you shouldn’t get that but instead, you should get this, you don’t have that off the web.

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So what do you have to do to convince people to buy it you need persuasive copy. So now that you know that is persuasive copy. Let’s go over a few things that you can do to make sure that your copy is truly persuasive.

One. Talk about the benefit is not just about hey I’m selling this product. It’s about the solution that that product is giving people to their problems.


For example, if you’re selling toilet paper and toilet paper, the one that you’re selling is so soft. People don’t have a rough bump from that your solution is all just soft toilet paper. It’ll make you feel like your bug is sitting on clouds. I’m making it up.

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And if your reviews on that page, and force that you’re going to get more sales, right. So, you have to talk about the solution and the benefit that your solution is provided. The second tip I have for you, persuasive copy isn’t just copy a picture says 1000 words.


So if your pages are amazing, in your e commerce product. You’ll do really well. Taking professional pictures, 360 degree view cameras, showcasing your products, all this stuff will help you sales and conversions.


Third day reviews, the copy isn’t just about how much can you convince people to buy your product. It’s also how much can, other people convince others to buy your product, you need to allow reviews on your site, whether they’re bad reviews or good reviews.


Let them all through because they’ll help tell other people, if they should be buying your product. And the fourth tip when it comes to persuasive copy. You need to make sure you go really in depth on every little thing that your product provides every feature. Are we looking cranny of it.

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Think about any objections someone has when it comes to buying your product. If you answer all those objections, in the coffee, you’ll get more sales. And the last tip I have for you. Your coffee doesn’t end on your product page from your checkout page, the thank you page, all of that coffee can optimize your checkout page and be like, get this delivered to you within two days, emphasizing free shipping, things like that can help boost your sales, using a two step checkout instead of a one step checkout.

That of course, helps me with sales as well, doing things like on your thank you page. After the checkout upselling more products and services that of course in sales. If you do those things, you’ll start seeing that more of your products will start selling.

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