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How much money do you need to start a business?

You want to start your own business, but you don’t know how much money you need to begin with? If this fits your description, this startup funding article is perfect for you. Not only will we cover how much money you need to start a business, but we will also give you some advice on how to earn extra cash!

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Do I need a lot of money to start a business?

No! Even though some founders of start-ups brag about starting their business with only 100 Dollars. The truth is, yes, you can create a company with barely any money, but having a higher capital to begin with is helpful too! It always depends on what kind of business you want to start; for example, you will need more startup funding money to open a restaurant than a dropshipping online shop. Before you should even begin to consider starting your own business, calculate how much money you might need. Going back to our restaurant example, you have to think about the costs for renting a restaurant, renovation, staff, food and drinks, legal help, and marketing. These costs are significantly higher than for someone who wants to open a drop-shipping business. Here you don’t need to calculate rent, renovations, staff, drinks, and food; more critical is a good website/shop, a drop-shipping company that will help you out, and the research and production of your product. For this reason, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

4 Ways to earn extra money to start your business:

Did you realize that you need more money to start a business? Don’t worry; we have some ideas on how to earn extra cash!

Earn high returns through trading

Have you ever thought about starting to trade assets? Is it because it seems overwhelming and you don’t know where to start? That’s quite common, but we have the solution for you. Trading binary options is the easiest way for beginners to take the first step into trading. You only need a broker, money to start with, and a laptop – that’s it! The idea is to determine the value of an asset for a specific time. For example, you invest your money into a particular investment, and you say it will be at a certain price at a specific time. If you are correct, you will earn high returns. If this is too abstract for you, we recommend you check out the binary options for beginners, to understand this trading method better.

Cut your expenses

You don’t need to buy the fancy packaging for your first product, and you don’t need to invest half of your capital into marketing. Try to figure out where you could cut some expenses. Money that you don’t spend, is startup funding money that you earned for something else in your business.

Have a side hustle

A side hustle is a small job that you have on the side of your regular job or your business; for example, driving Uberis a great side hustle since you can do it whenever you want. Another option would be to teach English online. Do it a few hours a week and save all the money for your business.

Sell things that you don’t need anymore

Do you have a car, electronic items, clothing, and an old couch that you don’t need anymore? Then sell it! Why keep things you don’t need and don’t use? Rather, sell them and earn more startup funding money for your business.


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