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How Pickrr has created an ecosystem of innovative logistical-tech products

Tech has permeated all aspects of human life. The last five years, in particular, have changed the way businesses interact with consumers. The rise in e-commerce shoppers and expectations of quick delivery has led to a tech revolution in supply chain management. The full cycle of supply chain is now catering to enhancing the consumer experience and new-age startups are acting as a catalyst.

Building a seamless consumer experience

Pickrr, now a leading name in the SaaS logistics segment and post purchase enablers, started in 2015 with a simple vision of simplifying logistics and making it hassle-free for ecommerce businesses to ship products from one point to another. What started from Delhi-NCR now has a pan-India presence. However, the simple delivery services provider has managed to create a state-of-the-art ecosystem and is now offering end-to-end post-checkout services for ecommerce companies.

“When we started Pickrr, D2C constituted hardly 3 to 4 percent of the overall market. But, now the segment has grown close to 25 percent of the market. Also, businesses across sectors are now adopting tech solutions. The industry has evolved in multiple ways and has only helped us grow significantly,” says Gaurav Mangla, CEO and Co-founder, Pickrr.

Gaurav believes logistics is no more about delivery services only. Brands and their customers have moved beyond thinking about pricing and are focussing more on the overall experience. So, for tech-logistics startups, the key to growth is creating a seamless experience right from purchase to post-checkout cycle.

How innovation is leading product development at Pickrr

Creating the right kind of experience is equivalent to building the right kind of product. For Pickrr, it is all about understanding the core problems of its customers. With more than 10,000 active customers on its platform, the product team at Pickrr ensures timely communication with consumers to better understand pain points and accordingly build the product.

For instance, a lot of Pickrr brand customers are required to deliver bulk shipments. This led the startup to venture into a market that is otherwise fragmented and a bit unorganised. Rocketbox which was originally acquired by Shiprocket is now being operated by Pickrr to deliver cargo solutions in a hassle-free manner.

Rocketbox is a B2B aggregation platform. Any shipment above 100 kg can be transported through the Rocketbox ecosystem. Partnering with Xpressbees, Delhivery and the likes to further ease the cargo shipment solutions, one of the main USPs of Rocketbox is that it brings digitisation to an otherwise traditional transport ecosystem. Businesses can now track their shipments in real-time and leverage tech to ensure seamless delivery.

Essentially, it is a robust tech platform that offers tracking, notifications, customer support, digital invoices and more to simplify heavy shipment orders and makes it easy to transport it from one place to another.

Another breakthrough product by Pickrr is Fastrr, a one-click integration offering the fastest checkout experience. A customer may buy a particular product but if there are lags on the checkout page, the purchase may not be realised. Fastrr is known to increase the conversion rate by 30 percent. Moreover, it also optimises the delivery percentage for ecommerce brands. This smart checkout integration service offers features like expediting checkout with OTP login, reducing fraud with address verification, multiple payment integrations, reducing RTOs and more.

Growing exponentially in an ever-competitive market

Pickrr’s innovative approach to building products addressing the real problems is exactly why the brand has come a long way in terms of its growth. Statistics suggest that the startup recorded revenue of Rs 210 crore in FY21 and is expected to touch Rs 300 crore this year.

Gaurav envisions becoming a brand that keeps on adding value for its customers. “We want to become a must-have for all ecommerce businesses. From traditional transportation to the last mile, checkout to warehouses, our presence is everywhere. Now, we are also working on global shipping so that Indian brands can realise their global expansion plans. Additionally, we are adding tools that allow brands to innovate as per their unique requirement. The end goal is that our customers should benefit the most from it,” adds Gaurav.

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