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How to Know Your Business Core Customers

Business core customers are the customers who have a long-term relationship with the business and purchase the core services or products of the company in good quantity. Purchases made by the core customers impact the optimal profit of a company and hence plays a significant role in the success of a business. Core customers help in creating a loyal fan base for a business therefore, it is significant to please core customers comparatively.

Every company requires a business strategy to survive the market. If the strategy is planned correctly, you can generate a lot of business for your company. One business strategy which always works for the business is the identification of the core customers. Here are some steps that will help you identify your business core customer which will help in eliminating the losses:

Time to Upgrade Your Skills

Having a business mentor, whom you can trust and go for any business-related advice helps an entrepreneur find solutions to a lot of business issues. Being supported by a business coach gives them a space where they can discuss their crises and handle conflicts which further enhances their confidence. Business coaching helps in developing the leadership qualities of an entrepreneur and teaches them how to deal with different people.

A business coach exactly knows what to ask from a business owner, which helps the company think intensely about their product or service. These mentors guide you in the right direction and give you a better understanding of your target market and core customers. They explain you’re the risk involved with your business and help you in pointing out the challenges that are worth fighting for.

Business coaches have experience in financial planning which means they know how to work through the estimated budget and incorporate the business plan, marketing and promotion plan, and growth in it. They will help you in deciding the good and the bad for the business and will guide you towards the best financial decisions for the company.

Business coaches have been part of this industry for a very long and hence they have the experience to identify the problematic area and seek solutions to the problems. They offer these solutions to the entrepreneurs and provide them with strategies that will help the business to get back to its comfort zone. Business coaches are an extra set of eyes looking out for your business and have the potential to reveal the unseen areas of the business. These coaches exactly know what the market, customers and employees want from your business and they encourage you to fulfil the expectations.

Collect and Analyze the Customer Data

The main reason behind the failure rate of the entrepreneurs is that they are unaware of their target demographic. Every business should be aware of the attributes that link the company and the customers. A business must be able to create a persona of their target customers so that they can base their product or service according to their ideal customer’s requirement.

You should know their potential client’s age, gender, ability to spend, what they are interested in, their values and attitudes, their hobbies, where and what they shop, and the geographical area they belong to. You need to analyze these pieces of information to understand your core customer. Most companies spend on the customer requirements after they have to spend a significant amount on the service or product but that’s not the right way to approach a business.

Start the Fieldwork

People working in the field, marketing your product or service are the ones you get to interact the most with the potential customers. These people understand the customer behavior and have reviews on the product, and cost.

These people can tell you about the unprofitable and profitable customer attributes, what changes are required in the product or service to capture a bigger and better market, and if the market is willing to pay the seller’s cost of the product or service. A business must analyze these reviews, gather data from them and work as per the data.

Determine Your Core Customer 

Getting a deeper level of understanding of the customer base helps a business determine the changes required in getting the sales effectiveness and the addition or subtraction that needs to be done to improve the performance. The business also reviews the cost of the product or service to get volume orders from the customers.

Some customers purchase a large part of the production and require time to time delivery, these customers are the core customers forbes. Companies give them incentives like better prices, credit purchase, and priority in delivery. This is because these customers impact the overall profit of the business and don’t require too many calls to place the order.

Communicate Your Criteria 

As a business, it is your responsibility to communicate and clarify your criteria to the core customers correctly so that you establish a loyal customer base and continuous flow of orders which is inevitable with the market changes. Communicating your criteria will help you in making faster decisions which will lead to making greater profits.

The marketplace has no responsibility of informing you in case the sales aren’t happening as per the plan but if the criteria are properly clarified, the core customers will make sure that the sales model doesn’t get affected by the changing market trends.


A business is all about determining the ideal customer and for some reason, this is the hardest part for a business owner. Businesses tend to assume that in every demographic area they will find a good number of ideal customers and they choose not to narrow down the core customer base. By not narrowing down the demographic scale they limit the exposure of the brand and fail to identify their core customers. This not only affects their business promotion but also the sales of the product or service the business has to offer.

Identification of core customers helps the business to understand the market requirement, expose them to criticism and provide them with a base for rectification. It also helps them in developing a loyal customer base which further increases the sales and profit of the business.

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