You are currently viewing [Jobs Roundup] Be a part of this talent-hiring platform’s expansion plans with these openings

[Jobs Roundup] Be a part of this talent-hiring platform’s expansion plans with these openings

Bengaluru-based hiring platform for entry-level talent Able Jobs is accelerating its product growth and expanding its team. It is also building training products for companies to hire talent reliably and expand into adjacent sectors, including FMCG, BFSI, etc.

In August 2020, Ravish Agrawal, CEO, Able Jobs, said, “Over the past decades, companies have invested a lot of capital in hiring and training entry-level talent. We, at Able Jobs, are focussed on solving this by partnering with companies, helping them hire trained professionals with a single click and no upfront investment.”

Launched in May 2019 by Ravish Agrawal, Swatantra Kumar, and Siddharth Srivastav, Able Jobs provides end-to-end hiring support to companies — from finding the right candidate to getting talent deployed. Its app has online training programmes, which pre-trains candidates for job roles specific to companies.

Post the training, companies interview candidates and roll out offers as deemed fit. Able Jobs also helps companies acquire talent through social channels and gives them access to people beyond job portals.

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If you want to work with Able Job’s and be part of its expansion plans, these roles may interest you:

Programme Manager

Experience required: N/A

The programme manager — who will work with the founder’s office — will identify the problems of users and solve them with minimal assistance. He/she will be responsible for designing and executing special projects on growth, product, community, and operations, and create new business relationships.

The role also involves serving as the primary point of contact for existing partners and supervising and managing enterprise relations, and more.

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Content Marketing Manager

Experience required: 3+ years

In this role, the candidate will be working alongside the founders in a high-growth journey. He/she will be responsible for complete content marketing — starting from user acquisition, activation, retention, referral, to conversion.

Their responsibilities will include driving user acquisition through organic activities on social media channels, creating a content engine that addresses user needs, driving the target audience, and more.

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Android Developer

Experience required: N/A

This role involves developing new products, re-architecting Able Jobs’ mobile app, and unlocking industry-leading native performance. The Android Developer is expected to design, architect, and build mobile versions of Able Jobs’ products, participate in code reviews to build robust applications and prototypes, ensure high scalability and performance, and more.

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Software Engineer

Experience required: N/A

In this role, the candidate will work with developers to design and build mobile and web versions of Able Jobs’ products. The software engineer is expected to possess robust knowledge of data structures and algorithms needed to solve real-world problems. He/she should also have strong experience developing native Android apps.

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Product Manager

Experience required: N/A

Working on Able Jobs’ learning products, the candidate will derive learning patterns of learners and build high-frequency feedback tools for effective learning and assessments.

With the supply products, he/she will investigate how people think about careers and jobs and invent new ways of connecting with job-seekers throughout their job hunt. On the growth products, the product manager will build growth loops for various learning programmes, build effective crowd-sourcing programmes for scaling learning operations, and more.

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