Keep your development process running smoothly with Swimm’s auto-syncing documents

It’s important for engineers and employers to be able to quickly and easily ramp up to new codebases. However, a lot of things can slow down that process, including onboarding new hires, developers switching between projects, and outdated documents. Luckily, Swimm addresses all of these issues.

Swimm is a SaaS company that makes the development process fast and smooth by integrating continuous documentation into the development lifecycle. With Swimm, teams can create focused and engaging documentation that helps them share knowledge on the codebase – the documents can even include snippets of live code. With Swimm’s auto-sync technology, the documents stay up to date, even if the code changes.

Swimm enables users to create smart documents, tutorials and more directly from their repository, and makes it easy to find folders and files with corresponding documentation.

With Swimm, companies don’t need to rely on their more experienced developers to “hand-hold” new hires as they work through the on boarding process or developers as they switch to different projects. Swimm is also a convenient solution for teams that are working remotely.

Swimm includes a number of features to help streamline the development process.

Auto-sync: As code changes in your codebases, Swimm automatically updates the code in your documents to match. Users will also be able to see if a snippet of code is up to date, outdated, or in need of review.

Tutorials: Swimm enables users to create dynamic documents that feature snippets of code, comments explaining the code, and information on logic flows and code patterns. With so much helpful information in one place, these documents can be turned into tutorials.

Walkthroughs: Users can add snippets of code to their documents along with explanations of what’s being presented. These sections of code are kept up to date thanks to Swimm’s auto-sync feature.

Snippet Studio: The Snippet Studio is where users can create tutorials, walkthroughs and smart documents directly from their codebase.

Playlists: Once multiple tutorials or walkthroughs have been created, they can be compiled into a “playlist,” or learning process. Users can also include links to existing content outside of Swimm.

Multiple repositories: Users are allowed to have more than one repository, making it easy to have different on boarding programs for different teams or display patterns and logic across multiple repositories.

Notes: In addition to adding comments to sections of code, Swimm users can add notes to folders, files and high-level structure.

Security: Documents are saved as .swm files on your repository, and only users who have been granted access to your repository can see the files. Not even Swimm can see your tutorials or code.

Dashboard: Swimm’s dashboard offers a view of the team’s members, roles and progress, and allows users to provide feedback.

Agnostic: Swimm is stack agnostic, speaks all languages, and works with all operating systems.

Onboarding, project switching and outdated documents shouldn’t slow down a project. With Swimm, teams can easily onboard new members, share important knowledge, and keep the development process running smoothly. Sound like something your team could use? Visit to learn more and check out their beta version.


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