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Learn how to make WhatsApp your 24×7 Sales and Support Agent with Freshchat

Customers have little time, and even less patience — when they need support, they would rather not have a 20-minute phone call or a drawn-out email exchange. Messaging apps like WhatsApp have emerged as clear winners: 82 percent of consumers read texts within 5 minutes, but open only 1 in 4 emails. According to Meta, while 64 percent of customers would rather text a business than call them, 7 in 10 are more likely to purchase from a business they can contact via messaging. This is true in the case of APAC as well, with WhatsApp being the most-used app in the region.

Businesses have an opportunity here — to adopt messaging and conversational engagement as the primary channel of communication with their clients. The benefits are endless. Customers get faster responses, it’s incredibly low-cost and easier on overworked customer support agents since messaging is already favoured by nearly the entire user base. And the results enable brands to maximise the number of customers they support, influence, retain, and build loyalty with.

However, WhatsApp for Business is not built for scale or speed. As your customer base grows, support teams must supplement WhatsApp-based service with bots to deflect elementary queries and self-service to accelerate resolutions that ensure both customer and agent satisfaction. Robotic answers are never welcome. Customers want to have actual conversations and receive personalised service on their preferred messaging channel.

Enter intuitive messaging software. When used together with WhatsApp for Business, it allows customer-facing teams to boost their efforts with bots, automation, and self-service to accelerate resolutions and maximise high-quality deflection — strategies that ensure both customer and agent satisfaction.

Join this executive roundtable hosted by Freshworks to learn how you can turn WhatsApp into your sales and marketing teams’ new favourite superpower. Karthik Rajaram, VP, Freshworks, India and ASEAN and Sahiba Ratra, Strategic Channel Sales at Meta, will be leading the discussion.

When: September 20, 2022 – 3 PM IST (5:30 PM SGT)

What can you look forward to?

1. Driving conversational commerce and sales by engaging your customers on WhatsApp

2. Strategies to ensure your WhatsApp implementation succeeds with both customers and agents

3. Real-world success stories of brands that use WhatsApp paired with the right messaging software to build customer loyalty

4. How bots, automation, and self-service on WhatsApp ensure 24×7 responses and low First Response Times

5. Pairing WhatsApp with a conversational engagement tool to improve CSAT scores, customer engagement, and retention

All attendees get early access to Freshworks’ exclusive guide to implementing WhatsApp as a support channel.

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