Manage your encrypted secrets with CloudEnv

Keeping your private information private can be difficult, especially with the risk of cyber attacks. Keeping environmental variables up to date, in sync and secure is also difficult. If you’re tired of sharing environmental variables over Slack or email, or aren’t enjoying options like Vault and 1Password, it might be time to try CloudEnv.

CloudEnv is a secret management platform that makes it easy to keep your secrets secure. When you sync and encrypt your secrets with CloudEnv, CloudEnv never sees your secrets; only you store your encryption key, so only you can see or edit your secrets. CloudEnv creates a secret 256-bit key for your project. CloudEnv can encrypt your existing env vars, development-specific env vars, staging-specific env vars and production-specific en vars. As soon as you save, you can also edit your environmental variables locally. Your env vars are encrypted, uploaded to CloudEnv, and are instantly distributed to other environments and team members. CloudEnv can integrate with Node, Ruby, and Python.

With CloudEnv, you can control who has access to your secrets by placing a firewall on your secrets. You can also see a history of the changes made to your secrets without relying on a git repository. CloudEnv also allows you to audit your secrets whenever you’d like.


CloudEnv includes a variety of features to ensure your secrets stay safe.

Full audit trail
You can receive email notifications whenever a new IP address tries to access your secrets. The email will include details like the person’s name, API token, app, environment, IP address, city, state and country. This helps you monitor who can access your secrets.

Environmental firewalls
With CloudEnv, you can create lists determining who is allowed to access your secrets and who is not. You can also choose to receive an email notification whenever a specific IP address accesses your environmental secrets, and even require email authorization from admins of your organization before allowing that IP address to access your secrets.

With SAML SSO, you can use single sign-on to connect all of your developers at the same time instead creating individual accounts one at a time.

Intuitive CLI
CloudEnv makes it easy to log in, set up CloudEnv in a new app, edit your environmental variables, and import existing environmental variables.

End-to-end encryption
CloudEnv doesn’t have access to your encryption key. While your data is stored within CloudEnv, it’s always encrypted and even CloudEnv can’t read it.

Built-in version control
Whenever you make a change to your secrets, each revision is kept, so you can revert to a previous version if you need to.

CloudEnv offers multiple packages at varying price points: Essential for $15/month (up to 3 users), Team for $49/month (up to 12 users), Pro for $149/month (up to 37 users) and Enterprise.

Want to make sure your secrets stay safe? Need better control over who can and cannot access your secrets? You can learn more about CloudEnv and sign up for an account at


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