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Meet Scout: A Next-Generation Search Engine

 Most search engines today make money off ads and this creates a privacy disaster.

Scout wants to change that. is a new search engine designed to provide human-curated, organic, authentic crowd-sourced and up-voted and all-around better results.

The team believe in organic results and human curation. Not bots or AI. Scout is working towards human curation and an index affected by authentic results. Organic search. No filter bubbles or tracking. Always moving towards open source.

Jeff Flynn, the founder of Scout is enthusiastic about offering users a better search alternative. He says, “Search engines are incredibly important, one of the most important utilities, platforms or services in today’s world. Search engine technology is not at the end but on the edge of the frontier and we need explorers to consider what could be better about search?” 

Scouts will be curating, reviewing and voting on results and answers. The company rewards them with cryptocurrency credits and an elegant and growing, organic search engine. Scout provides better content and better trust relationships between search providers and users.

Scout is working toward an ongoing human curation model and an index with authentic results. That is why it favours organic searches. No filter bubbles or tracking and always moving toward open source.

Scout is for people looking for a good relationship with their search engine! And even for those who have never thought much about it.

Search engine technology is not at the end but on the edge of the frontier and Scout need explorers. Join them. Be a Scout. Sign up now to get your account.

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