MyPowerMall – Is It Worth It? seems to be a site slightly different from the run of the mill. For starters, this site pulls at your heartstrings by talking about bringing change in the world through giving to charity. By using the term “5 million for change”, and “together we can change the world”, MyPowerMall wants to use the combined power of a large group of people to affect change across the world. A lofty ideal, indeed.

When you visit the site you are immediately asked to click on resources which the site claims are free. For example in the link to-Together we can Change the world, the site claims that it will offer you complimentary tools which you can use for projects seemingly charitable or as help to the community. Yes, the Project tools link leads you to a page where free e books can be downloaded. However, the emphasis seems to be on selling books written by the founder of the website Ginny Dye. Books she has written on American History and also some “Business Coaching” books. These books are priced from around $15 to $47.

Furthermore, when you click on the link to “Fireflies from the heart”, a resource to give you inspirational quotes for everyday of the year, it does not seem to work properly. You are asked to click on any day of the year to get an instant inspirational quote, but many of the links do not work.

The Shop Smart link takes you to a shopping mall. MyPowerMall has tied up with many retailers from whom they get a rebate for every sale made. The site claims that this amount goes to charity.

Perusing the complete website of MyPowerMall, it seems that it is a good place to get some shopping done. You can go directly to the site of the retailer, so you are assured that you do not pay any more than the normal price. The fact that MyPowerMall has leveraged a discount from the retailer and they claim that that amount will go to a helping cause makes you feel good shopping there.

From the information available on the site, it seems that they do not generate any revenue from the shopping mall. They claim that all the money generated from the retailer goes to charity. The revenue generation then, must be focusing on the sale of the self help and history books written by the founder Ginny Dye.

There seems be an effort to promote change in the world by encouraging you to participate in community programs and other charitable projects with helpful links to various charitable organizations.

In conclusion, you may not make any money through MyPowerMall. However you may get motivated to participate in changing the world.

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