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New Hires? Here’s How to Ensure a Positive Experience

Getting new hires is one thing but keeping the best talent is another. It is crucial to ensure your company is attractive and has a positive atmosphere for new employees as an employer. One way of displaying a positive work environment and culture is by having a good onboarding experience. 

A good onboarding experience is essential in helping your new employees feel valued, motivated and engaged from the first day and helps lower employee turnover rates. Onboarding entails more than just giving new hires a basic orientation and training them. 

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This article focuses on how to ensure a positive experience for new hires, and below are some of the best practices that can help you frame out a positive onboarding experience for your new hires. 

1. Put an Emphasis on the First Day

The first day is always a nerve-wracking one for many new hires. Therefore, as a company, you should take the first step in breaking the ice and creating an excellent first impression. 

To make the new hires feel at ease, crack a joke with them, offer them a cup of coffee and most importantly, have a first-day orientation program that gives them a better idea of the company’s workstations, buildings, facilities and policies.

2. Personalize the Experience

From day one, engage the new hires on a personal level to help them feel engaged with the company and its culture. Try building a personal connection with the recruits by sending them a welcome note asking about their past experiences, family, and hobbies. Showing genuine interest in your new employees’ lives indicates your company’s caring culture and helps them have a great start. 

3. Help Them Build Connections

Friendships and relationships play a vital role in having a high retention rate. Ambitious employees are always on the lookout for opportunities and ways to help them in their career growth. Therefore, as a manager or HR leader, you should help your recruits build connections

Take the time to introduce the new hires to company employees that share common interests and can make good mentors. Providing new hires with mentoring support helps them feel comfortable with their new job and provides them with opportunities to build connections. 

4. Keep Communication Lines Open at All Times

Many managers and HR leaders are fond of telling their new hires, “Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any problem or question”. However, most of them exude a cold demeanor that suggests annoyance when approached.

To ensure a positive experience with the new hires, be the employer who keeps lines of communication open at all times. Communicate often with your new employees to assess their morale and help them out when needed. 

5. Ask for Feedback and Input

To know where you are headed, you first need to know where you are coming from. To ensure a positive experience with your new hires, ask for feedback on their onboarding experience. This helps the HR officials measure the success of their onboarding program and adjust where needed. 

Use surveys to assess employees hired as far as 12 months ago. The data will help determine which program components were effective and which ones need additional action. 

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