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PayTabs buys OGS PayLab India, to deliver mada certified payment orchestration in Saudi Arabia

PayTabs Group, the regional award-winning payments powerhouse, in an unprecedented move said it has completed an acquisition of 100% stake in OGS PayLab. OGS PayLab based in Chennai, India, is a leading service providers of transaction processing services, turnkey cloud payment solutions and electronic fund transfer (EFT) Switch solutions in the globe.

As a Fintech enabler for the region, PayTabs’ wants to simplify yet orchestrate a unified payments experience and value for key players in MENA’s payment ecosystem. OGS PayLab, which operates across the USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia, further strengthens, and broadens PayTabs’ niche position in the fintech market.

The acquisition creates an organisation better positioned to serve stakeholders and compete in the global marketplace. It is also expected to result in greater efficiencies and significantly increase PayTabs’ market dominance regionally by working the entire payment chain.

The architecture of PayTabs SwitchOn is designed to ensure a unique payment orchestration capability allowing clients from multiple industries and scale to maximise the benefits in just a couple of weeks at a fraction of the cost. It connects the last mile payment orchestration to empower PayTabs merchants in any industry, to use the platform anywhere in the region and localizing the infrastructure in every market of the region.

In March, PayTabs received mada Payment Gateway (PG) Certification from Saudi Payments. As a home-grown Saudi Brand, securing this certification from Saudi Payments is a key milestone for PayTabs as a payment processing superpower engine with a vision to continue engineering and championing payments.

At the PayTabs Headquarters in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, founder and CEO of the PayTabs Group, Abdulaziz Al Jouf said, “Since inception, PayTabs has been powering digital payment solutions for some of the largest multinational brands in the region. As a result of this acquisition, we now have our own IP and payments infra to provide switch and issuance services to the most progressive global brands. PayTabs can now connect multiple APIs in the region with the turbo power of PayTabs SwitchOn.”

Speaking on the acquisition, co-founder of OGS PayLab Simon Soloman said, “Merging with PayTabs was a natural step in our expansion strategy as it now provides us with the synergy to engineer and champion payments on a national, regional and international scale.”

While OGS PayLab Co-founder Johnson Sasikumar added, “The dynamic of this acquisition is a sure-fire way to be a payments market leader in the MENA region, considering problem statements faced by markets in the ecosystem. Legacy players with outdated technology infrastructure and non-internet friendly products were unable to nurture the exponential growth of fintech and that’s where we aim to interconnect banks and financial institutions with the MENA payments corridor to digitize the market.”

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