Simplify Edge Docker Deployment with Appfleet

You’ve developed a great app and want to make it as easy as possible for people to access and use it. So, you decide to use containers to package the software and use docker to manage your containers. Unfortunately, deploying docker containers can be a struggle, and many of the existing cloud solutions are complicated, inefficient and expensive. Sound familiar? Luckily, appfleet is here to make it easy to deploy your app.

Appfleet is an easy-to-use, cloud-based docker hosting platform and flexible edge hosting provider. It allows users to deploy containerized applications across the globe to multiple regions at the same time. Appfleet works by hosting your dynamic services in its global network, putting your app closer to your users, wherever they might be located. By hosting your app on multiple locations at the same time, you can improve your performance and uptime. Appfleet works with any code language, technology or framework, and can save you the headache of having to manage servers or routing.

Appfleet’s network includes servers in New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Frankfurt, making it easier and faster for users to connect to your app. Appfleet also handles clustering, replication and global routing work for you. Their global traffic router routes all requests and makes sure users connect to the location nearest them. With appfleet, users can host a variety of services, including apps, websites, video streaming services, DNS servers and more.

To deploy a multi-region app, users start by specifying the container image or GitHub repo they want to deploy, then selecting the regions they want to use and the resources they need. Finally, users point their DNS to the globally load-balanced hostname for their multi-region app.


Appfleet includes a number of features to help you deploy an edge app near your users and support your devops efforts.

  • Supports all languages: Appfleet supports all code languages, including Java, Node.js, PHP, Python and Golang.
  • Custom health checks: You can configure your own health check for each of your applications, and appfleet will include them as part of their internal checks.
  • Included HTTPS: Appfleet can automatically install and maintain a LetsEncrypt TLS certificate for any web service.
  • Registries: Appfleet works with public and private container registries, such as Github Registries, Docker Cloud, Google Cloud, Quay and more.
  • Console access: Users can directly control their containers by connecting to it via appfleet’s web console.
  • Logging: To make debugging easier, appfleet stores and processes all deployed applications’ output and logs.
  • File cache: All nodes come with a locally mounted caching filesystem to help improve performance.
  • Monitoring: Appfleet monitors all of your instances and provides real-time and historic RAM, CPU and Disk usage.

Ready for a better alternative to current cloud-based docker solutions? Appfleet makes it easier to deploy your edge app to users all over the globe, improve performance and uptime, and save money on cloud and devops costs. Visit to learn more and try it out for yourself.


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