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Starting a new business? Take the plunge with ICICI Bank iStartup 2.0 services that go beyond banking

Today, almost everything you need to get through the day is available with just a tap on a screen. You can commute to work or order lunch through mobile applications that have memorable logos and peppy names. Innovations by startups are responsible for blending these services seamlessly into our everyday lives.

Increased exposure due to the internet, the arrival of tech, and the visibility of startups to venture capitalists and angel investors have played a key role in establishing an exciting startup culture in India. While the ground is fertile, startups do run into several challenges.

Take Neerja for example. She runs a homegrown apparel business, and is a small part of the fiercely competitive fashion industry. Meeting steep expectations, lack of mentorship and the pressures of procuring investment are just a handful of her problems. Along with these, she must handle her business’s daily operational and financial activities.

Fortunately, for startups like Neerja’s, there is a simple solution available – ICICI Bank iStartup 2.0. This is a current account that comes with banking and business solutions specially curated for someone like Neerja. Thanks to a unique integration with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) portal, she can seamlessly open an account online at the time of registering her company. She can also choose an account number of her choice.

iStartup 2.0 also offers Startup Assist – A one-stop solution for startup needs that go beyond banking

For a business that is still finding its feet, iStartup 2.0 lends the necessary scaffolding. It goes beyond banking to offer an all-encompassing suite of services that can assist a startup from the outset to its growth stages. Startups can avail these services at discounted prices by making payments via ICICI Bank digital channels like internet banking, credit and debit cards.

  • Superseva: Get company registration, ROC filing, GST, and IT-related services, property registration, stamping and franking, travel, employee engagement, logistics and marketing support with access to Superseva, a trusted corporates-focused concierge service.
  • NowFloats: Website development and hosting, social media marketing and SEO management can all be taken care of by NowFloats. After all, in a country as large and diverse as India, businesses can find like-minded customers in one place only on the internet.
  • Other partners: IndiaFilings, CircleOne, GoDaddy, HRAPP, Awfis, Dell, Tata Teleservices are some other partners offering their services on iStartup 2.0.

Business networking

ICICI Bank’s iStartup 2.0 provides a platform wherein startups and partner venture capitalists and angel investors can explore their investment options. It offers accelerator programmes for recommendation and mentorship so that customers can expedite the development and innovation of products.

Digital Banking services by ICICI Bank

Along with these targeted facilities, startups can also benefit from other ICICI Bank’s digital products and services.

  • InstaBIZ: Explore 150+ banking services in one app, including opening a current account, access to an instant overdraft, payment and collection via multiple modes, auto bank reconciliation, one-click GST payment and much more. ICICI Bank’s InstaBIZ app has placed a bank branch in every entrepreneur’s pocket with its one-stop-shop features.
  • Instant Overdraft and Loans: Startups need not worry about physical documentation to avail an overdraft of up to Rs. 3 crore against fixed deposits. Similarly, they can avail loans against securities where interest is charged only on the amount that is utilised.
  • API banking: API combines the bank’s services along with those of the third party to offer an enhanced range of solutions to customers.
  • Trade Online platform: ICICI Bank’s unique Trade Online platform allows customers to initiate foreign trade transactions round-the-clock through an online portal with a quick turnaround time.

While many players offer services designed for startups, ICICI Bank iStartup 2.0 caters to your business’s present and future requirements, and is mindfully designed to take care of your business beyond banking.

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