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The Nessco India – The Story Of Two Brothers Transforming Local Dealership To Global Business

Every startup begins with the dream of being successful. Perhaps the hardest part about running a new business lies in knowing what to prioritize. It can drive you batty. Thus, the critical skill is not learning techniques, but knowing how and when to apply the basic principles and constantly re-evaluating and improving your methods.

Nessco India Owner 

Nessco India provides High-Speed Paper Cup Machine Series, Paper Plate Making Machine, Face Mask Making Machine, Flexo Printing Machine, Roll Die Cutting Machine, PE Coating Machine, Paper Bag Machine, Paper Straw Machine and other machines in the disposable paper range. 

Nessco just does not stop at making the machines. The company is subdivided into several departments like Admin, Quality Testing, R&D, Sales, Procurement, Transportation, etc. This means that they build as well as innovate, therefore, generating the best products possible. 

They also directly control every other aspect of the manufactured machines, like sales and transport, thus guaranteeing the clients that they receive high-quality products at just the right price without having to deal with any middlemen.

A Glimpse on How it all began

Harshit Agarwal, a strong paradigm of a ‘never giving up’ personality, was born in Jaipur, being the eldest among his two siblings, who had never thought of becoming an Entrepreneur. His father had a small distributorship business of disposable items of plastic cups and glass. It is often said that the Sky is limit and adhering to this quote he pursued his higher studies in Pune, Maharashtra and completed BBM and MBA. 

At the same time Yogesh Agarwal, his younger brother who chose Mumbai for higher education, also completed his MBA there and started doing a private job. However, during his casual tour to China, fascinated by the life there, he thought of doing a job in China, But he was rejected by the Chinese companies.

This shook him! He decided to return back to India and start his own business where he could outperform the Chinese companies. Quitting the job was one of the toughest decisions that he had ever made. The brothers never settled for a job and always saw an opportunity in Business following the Entrepreneurial route by accident.

However, they acknowledged the fact that they could do well in the disposable industry as it didn’t have a future then. 

Sometime Idea is everything

Every entrepreneur has to deal with a unique set of circumstances and factors pertinent to the business. Similarly, Plastic was the key factor they thought of, as many countries had banned it, considering the hazardous effects on the environment. They frequently focused on the health issues faced by people and knew that they will use more biodegradable and eco-friendly items in the upcoming future.

The spark was lit and they decided to switch to the Paper cups disposable industry. They reckoned the demand for eco-friendly disposable items and felt that it was the right time to tap their skills and knowledge in the disposable market. 

Momentum builds success

Initially, they were in a strategic situation as they were new in the market, thus after evaluating several options, they started providing paper cups and glass. However, that didn’t last for long, as their services were not noticed. 

With a reoriented step by step approach, they gradually started winning the market and decided to provide paper cups and glass making machines. It was a tedious task, no doubt and it took more time, but they were in this account for four years and started growing at a decent rate. It was not so easy to reach the milestone, it was all the hard work and patience that propelled them to push ahead.

The crucial Turning point

Their turning point came with the participation in the Exhibition of paper cups Machines in Bangalore in the year 2017, where they charted out as a recognized enterprise. As nothing goes in vain, similar to all the experiences and hurdles they crossed during this journey. Expanding their business to other cities was a big tough thought, but they took pride in rendering quality services and machines.

nessco team pic

They started their own Disposable business in the year 2017. Great things take time alike in the initial phase the things didn’t go the way they had looked up to. Running any business can be a demanding task, especially when you are not up to date about the market and have your money at stake.

What a Piece of Risk this was! 

Just to raise funds they mortgaged their house and started taking loans from banks. At that time, they had 5 employees. Mr.Yogesh was observing the market needs to be backed with the basic strategies of Business. 

“To win big, you sometimes have to take big risks” — that’s what they observed during their research. They eventually grew to 100 employees, with massive growth and development. 

Where does Nessco India Stand Today!

NESSCO has a single working motto “Good Service results in Good Business”. It thus delivers on this philosophy and helps industries around the country flourish and grow stronger, being the best paper cup machine manufacturers in India.

Now Nessco India is about to launch its own online application for customer support and services, to provide seamless, one-click ordering. They are also trying to add new voice note features for the convenience of the users in different languages. 

They had the Head Office in Jaipur (Rajasthan) and branches in many cities like Kolkata, Mumbai. As a result of its highly recommended product and outstanding customer service, they have gained a global sales network reaching India, Egypt, Oman, South Africa, UAE, Bangladesh and many more. 

The company will soon launch various new products. Its upcoming innovations include its Own Manufacturing Unit, an E-commerce platform, Branches in all developed countries. In fact, Nessco is planning to provide its own finished products and spare parts. 

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