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[The Outline By Inc42 Plus] #StartupsVsCovid19 — 2.0

How another round of lockdowns and curbs will impact startups

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The country has learnt to fear PM Narendra Modi’s 8-9 PM announcements. When he stood on the podium to share his message amid the second wave of Covid-19, citizens waited with bated breath for a signal that would kick-start another nationwide lockdown like last year. Already suffering from a shortage of medical supplies, people did not want to take any chance with household essentials.

Not unsurprisingly, grocery delivery startup Grofers saw 600,000 carts waiting to check out at the slightest hint of another lockdown. Fastest finger first is no longer a game — it has become part of our survival strategy. Incidentally, Grofers has introduced a change in its backend algorithm to prevent hoarding, while foodtech major Zomato has introduced a feature to prioritise deliveries related to Covid emergencies. 

#StartupsVsCovid19 — 2.0

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