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The Startup Magazine The Best Advice For Commercial Cannabis Growers In 2022

Commercial cannabis cultivation is an incredible business opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. The legal status of cannabis has opened the market for people who want to make it big in the industry. Things get even better because the once-recreational substance has gained acclaim as a wellness aid. Research studies and user claims act as a shot in the arm for the industry. If you wish to break into the domain, now is the best time to capitalize on the chance. But acing commercial cannabis cultivation requires an innovative mindset and clever thinking. Think beyond getting quality yield and maximizing the output. Here is the best advice commercial growers can follow in 2022 and beyond.

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Know the state rules

While growing cannabis is legal in most American states, you cannot take things for granted. Current state laws restrict producers from starting cannabis cultivation facilities near public parks, schools, libraries, and transit centers. You must go through the prevailing regulations and guidelines in your state to ensure your business is on the right side of the law. Consider your grow operation, whether indoors or outdoors, and check the rules accordingly. Stay ahead with local licenses and paperwork so that you need not worry about regulatory challenges down the line.

Build a team you can rely on

Like any entrepreneurial venture, your team is the mainstay of your startup business, so make sure you pick the right people. Have them on board even before starting as they bring valuable advice with their experience. From setting up operations to procuring the right equipment and ensuring quality output, experienced people have insights to help. Hire people who understand the design and build of facilities. Knowledge of environmental parameters, workflow management, and clean protocols can bring extra advantages for your business in the long run.

Plan your operation holistically

Once you sort out the legal rules and have a seasoned team, you are set up for success. Planning holistically requires choosing the right layout for the facility. You can maximize the grow space by using both vertical and horizontal aspects of the area. Hydroponic farming is the way to go in commercial cannabis cultivation. Buying your equipment from a reputed hydroponics store should be next on your wishlist. You will need a lot to run operations, from grow lights to nutrients, meters and dosers, climate control, grow media, and more. Prepare a list of tools and accessories you require for your facility according to its size and output expectations. It is also crucial to create a workflow and eliminate unnecessary tasks from the operation.

Develop solid procedures from the start

Apart from optimizing your grow operations, you must develop solid procedures from the start. Have the right professionals handling each part of the operations, and ensure they are ahead of their job. Create and document the standard operating procedures to keep everyone in the team on the same page. Keep track of changing variables and fine-tune processes accordingly. It enables you to manage the day-to-day operations more effectively and stay on top of customer expectations.

Test changes in small batches

Cannabis cultivators cannot follow a set-and-forget approach. You have to implement changes down the line, but they cannot always make things better. Some changes may have adverse effects on the quality and yield, so you have to reverse them right away. For example, setting up new equipment without considering power consumption or environmental parameters can do more harm than good. Test new growing techniques or equipment in small batches first instead of trying them for the entire crop. Also, consider the implications of the change on workflow or labor before going ahead.

Go the extra mile with climate control

If you have indoor hydroponics grow operation, go the extra mile with climate control. It can help you maximize yield without compromising the quality of the crop, bringing the best of both worlds for your business. You can achieve the goal with equipment that provides precise control over the conditions of the grow area. The right levels of humidity and temperatures ensure both yield and quality, even with mediocre strains. With hydroponic farming, you can also do a bit more by providing the right medium to nourish the plants for better growth. Get the best strains and trained people to win on all fronts.

Never cut corners

Success as a large-scale cannabis grower boils down to doing everything right. You may want to cut corners by cutting short the growth period but never do it. Giving the plants an adequate period to grow and thrive is crucial. You must also go the extra mile with processing. Remember that basement growing techniques do not suffice for large-scale cultivations. Pick only skilled labor, invest in quality equipment, and follow tried-and-tested growing techniques to achieve the results you want. Also, have an optimal building layout that matches your future commercial cannabis cultivation expansion goals.

Prioritize sustainability

Like all other industries, sustainability is the need of the hour for cannabis growers as well. Invest in sustainable techniques and mindset if you want to make it big in 2022 and beyond. You can do your bit by switching to eco-friendly LED grow lights. Preventing wastage of water is equally crucial, and you can do it by automating irrigation. Stick with organic nutrients and pest control to go a notch higher with eco-friendliness. These initiatives can enhance your brand reputation and build your credibility. Not to mention, you can win on the sales front as consumers want to stick with eco-friendly products these days.

Most importantly, stay ahead of trends in the industry to build a successful business. Hydroponic growing is the real winner as it provides better control over yield and quality. The technique is eco-friendly and sustainable as you can actually grow without soil. Organic commercial cannabis cultivation is another trend you shouldn’t miss out on in 2022 and beyond. Keeping pace with trends can give your business a winning advantage. Make sure you watch out and embrace them at the earliest. The final word of advice is to prioritize the quality of every single plant on your farm.

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