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The ‘why’ of the product matters much more than just ‘what’ – 20 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 25 gems and insights from the week of April 26 – May 2 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights. See also our special compilation of quotes related to India’s coronavirus responses here.

It doesn’t matter where you are today, it matters where you are at the end of the game. – Avinash Tiwary

Be open to constantly learning and reinventing. This is super critical for growth. – John Rogers, AB InBev

Accept that everyone will teach you something new. Be humble, be original, and learn to take constructive criticism. – Megha Sharma Singh, MayinArt

Women as entrepreneurs must work with their innate flair for multiple skills, natural ability to multitask, and allow themselves to be led by common sense, wisdom, and compassion, which is in the DNA of our gender. – Archana Kumari Singh, House of Badnore

Building a truly inclusive and adaptive workplace culture is critical for retaining as well as attracting women in tech roles and also ramping on after ramping off. – Ushasri Tirumala, Manhattan Associates

To help maintain the elder’s quality of life, it needs to be supported by adequate social and health infrastructure. – Archana Gautam Sharma, Samvedna Senior Care

Life is as much about giving as it is about receiving. – Ratna Vira and Suhasini Vira, ‘Why People Give’

India is one of the top agri-producers of most commodities in the world, yet our farmers leave so much on the table. We have 50 percent lower productivity than most developing nations. – Tauseef Khan, Gramophone

The biggest challenge for us is to change consumer behaviour – to switch from petrol or diesel to electric. – Madhumita Agrawal, OBEN

Incubators and accelerators can play a distinct role in furthering India’s ambitions to become a thriving startup nation. – Disha Singla, Supreme Incubator

It takes an ecosystem to raise a startup. – Will Green, Director, Grindstone Accelerator

Equity is one of the best investment options as it can not only beat inflation but also generate double-digit returns in the long run. – Manish Goel, Research & Ranking

Foods with probiotics are a great way to create a robust microbiome, one that is rich in variety and diversity. – Deepa Kannan, PFNR

We have to not just support and service the client, but also delight. – Shreyans Daga, MyGate

If done well, customers that are retained bring in more customers, which is much cheaper than acquiring new customers through the regular channels. – Gaurav Singh,

Knowing the artist, the emotion behind the work, and the meaning of the expression often creates a far greater appreciation for their work. – Avik Bandyopadhyay, MayinArt

The real value for a business comes from mining an existing relationship with the customer. – Ankit Bhatnagar, Mswipe

Trends influence today’s generation to the extent of even changing the way they perceive things. – Vedika Shah, ThePinCode

Today, consumers are looking at brands that have a soul, give back to society and community, and are much more than just a product. The ‘why’ of the product matters much more than just ‘what’. – Bala Sarda, VAHDAM India

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