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Top Four Smartwatches to Track Your Fitness- Technology News, FP

Track your fitness fuss-free

Suitable for men, women and even kids, this BlueTooth fitness watch is great for everyday use. After installing it with the help of its app, the smartwatch connects with your phone via BlueTooth and tracks all data related to your daily activity. You can simply check your steps, distance, calories burned, etc. on the app or the watch screen itself. Moreover, this watch also has a heart rate that lets you monitor your heart health and keep it in check. Other than that, the watch ensures you don’t miss any important calls or messages by sending you a notification on the watch screen itself. Get this digital face smartwatch if you want something no-fuss to track your fitness.

Makes busy days easier to manage

Equipped with a heart rate sensor, you will be able to check your heart health in just seconds while also analyzing your sleep patterns and also a pedometer that keeps your daily steps taken. Together, this watch will help you stay healthy and resultantly, re-energized. The watch connects with your phone via BlueTooth and displays time as well as all other information on its 2.5-inch widescreen. It lets you receive calls and control your music as well as your camera and access your call logs, phonebooks, messages, and calendar for a seamless experience even on your busiest days at work. Buy this product if you’re looking for a smartwatch that does more than showing the time and tracking your fitness.

Perfect for switching fitness activities

This watch not only counts your daily steps with the help of a pedometer but also switches from sports like yoga, climbing, swimming, running, cycling, etc. to track activity as each sport has a different calorie burn rate. When you’re busy with work, you tend to forget what your body needs but this watch takes care of it by sending you timely reminders. It has a sedentary reminder which notifies you in case you haven’t moved for a while. The watch also has a ‘drink water’ reminder feature to ensure you have enough water in the day. With many other smart features like increased brightness on raising your hand, or shaking your wrist to take pictures, this smartwatch is a perfect choice in case you are tech-savvy.

Great for longer use

With its curved screen fit into an ultra-thin zinc-magnesium alloy case, this smartwatch not only tracks your fitness but also looks amazing on your wrist. Its super retina display adjusts itself as per the brightness and darkness of the surroundings and showcases all the important data you need on the 1.4-inch widescreen. It supports 15 different sports modes and takes accurate readings whether it’s yoga. hiking, football, or badminton. The chipset within this watch is known for delivering efficiently, leading to less battery usage. Not only does the battery run for 8-10 days when in use, but lasts for 60 days on standby. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that doesn’t require frequent charging while it captures impeccable data, then this is it.

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