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Twitter begins testing ‘Shops’ feature to grow social commerce

Twitter has announced the launch of a beta experiment for Twitter Shops, a feature that allows vendors to handpick a collection of up to 50 products to feature on their Twitter profiles. The selection can contain up to 10,000 items, and features details including their names, descriptions, pricing, and other details.

The beta test for Twitter Shops will be accessible to “select merchants and managed partners” in the United States and will be visible to people who consume the Twitter iPhone application, the organisation said.

The feature, which is free to use, allows people to view items from the profiles of their beloved brands. Unlike Instagram, these transactions do not take place on Twitter itself. If consumers are interested in an item or come across them on their timelines, they can search for them on Twitter as well. To make a purchase, users will have to tap on their preferred product, which will open an in-application browser where they can see more details about the item and checkout on the merchant’s site.

Facebook and Instagram, whose parent company is Meta Platforms Inc, have been pioneers in social commerce, empowering vendors to set up virtual shops and sell items.

The company is additionally testing things with live-streamed shopping, which allows people to buy clothing, accessories, and other products while watching live videos from the brand about the items.

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