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Vidsaga – From Failure To Fruition Of Becoming A Global Marketplace To Create Videos!

Happiness comes from solving problems. The keyword here is “solving”. Challenges are the inextricable threads in an Entrepreneurial Fabric life, but to tear it out is not impossible: attempting to tear it out unravels new paths, new experiences.

Vidsaga Team

Vidsaga is a global marketplace to create videos. As Video lets you establish authority, Vidasaga blends Technology, Creativity and Entrepreneurship to help 100 Million+ Startups and SMEs with Video Creation & Marketing. Apart from this, it also aims to provide Global work opportunities to potent Video Creators (be it a Production House or an Animator or an Editor) so that they can monetize their talent/ knowledge/ skills and focus on what they are passionate about.

The lucid 3-step Enterprise Video creation makes it stand apart from its competitors. It guides clients pertinent to Creative scriptwriting, fascinating Video creation, and professional Project management as well.

How long should you try? Until.

Mr. Nikhilesh Tayal (Founder), with a strong tenet of Rising again like the Phoenix bird, was dejected, angry and more clueless upon shutting down his first venture –

He was never satisfied with his job and wanted to start something of his own to be independent and live life on his own terms. But, like every winner does, starting again from scratch was never easy. However, this time he was backed with Experience. He strongly believed the fact that Failure teaches you more than what success does. 

The Gradual Progress!

The hallmark of successful people is that they are always stretching themselves to learn new things. Despite the previous failure, he tried new things, gained experiences. He started helping other startups and started doing theaters – his passion! He became aware of people making content for YouTube. 

He then thought of making a film himself, with no agenda of earning but only learning. He built his team, and eventually had a cogent thought of Film Making, as an Entrepreneurial activity. He decided to start a blog – to showcase filmmakers – their passion, their work and give them much needed visibility. Again, it was an agenda-less and not for any sort of profit activity, hence the domain – .org

The Invigorating Idea!

He always wanted to combine films/videos, entrepreneurship and technology but never knew how. When he started the blog, his main focus was to feature aspiring filmmakers. He approached them through Facebook groups. Filmmakers liked the idea and happily agreed to share their stories and thought process. He interviewed 200+ upcoming filmmakers in a period of around 6 months.

While interacting with the Filmmakers, he acknowledged the common problem faced by them- not getting enough work opportunities to monetize their talent. On the other hand, while interacting with his startup friends, he came to know that many founders/ startups were looking to create videos but were looking for quality video makers.

The entrepreneurial journey is riddled with ups and downs and his ability to solve problems gave him that spark of creating a marketplace where video makers could be connected to companies.

The set Motion!

No experience goes in vain, similarly from his former startup, he knew that the traditional methods (like typical business development) of acquiring clients would not work. Since content is the core of Digital Marketing, the team decided to focus on generating quality content without giving any edge to the numbers. In just 5 months, it acquired 100+ clients.

While helping all these 100+ clients, they realized that a business is not just looking for a video maker but a creative video that should fulfill a certain business objective that requires creativity + filmmaking knowledge + business/ marketing knowledge.

Hurdles build the Empire!

As we all know, thinking does not require any effort but the execution does. Coming up with concepts without any advertising background for a variety of businesses catering to different and varied target segments is not an easy task by any means. But then glory lies in overcoming difficult challenges.

Acknowledging all the uncertainties of the unorganised video Creation industry, they chose to solve the bigger problem of organising this highly unorganised global video creation industry targeting small and midsize businesses across the globe.

In no time, they jumped to a solution – create a dedicated global marketplace to create videos and provide script writing and project management (agency-like) service on top of that. And they revamped to – a global marketplace for Organisations to create Videos. 

Closing thoughts!

Mr. Nikhilesh Tayal, mentions that entrepreneurship is more about personal growth. The product of entrepreneurship is the entrepreneur himself/ herself. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it makes entrepreneurs realize many of their hidden or unexplored talents/strengths. So, we should always celebrate the learning first i.e. intellectual growth and emotional growth and then at last the financial growth.

“It has been an amazing learning journey for me so far and I like to assume that the journey has just begun.”

Website – Vidsaga

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