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What Can Offer My Company?

Trend is a content creator platform that connects businesses with influencers. Content creation is crucial to a business’s growth. This is because well-planned content allows your brand to resonate with its audience. But not only do you need to keep up with trends and content that is popular: You’ll also need to find a way to drive traffic to your business. That’s why businesses utilize brand ambassadors, also known as influencers, to advance their marketing strategy.

Influencers typically create custom photos that are ideal for your brand. And because they have a lot of Instagram followers or a large audience on their blog, they have the ability to reach a wider audience. That’s why Trend offers a platform to help your business find talented creators who are perfect for your target market. Keep reading below to learn more about what can offer your company.

Curated Creator Network

Content creation isn’t just about finding ambassadors who are willing to partner with you. It’s about finding talented creators and influencers who have a lot of reach on their blogs or have plenty of engaged Instagram followers. offers a curated network of creators so that you can work on your partnerships together. When you visit the homepage, you’ll see several Instagram accounts that belong to influencers who are a part of their network.

These creators are all handpicked by the team because they have the ability to create high-quality content. Plus, they have high engagement rates, which means that their followers trust their opinions when it comes to brands. Their network is invite-only, so you know you’re getting only the best and most talented creators. You won’t have to spend a lot of time tracking down the Instagram accounts of creators that you think will be willing to work with you. The Trend platform makes it easy and effortless.

Creator-Generated Content

Whether you’re looking for social media posts on TikTok or Instagram, custom photos, blogs, or video content, the influencers at Trend can help you with fresh and engaging content for your brand. You can get social media content for your account or reuse any web content that you receive from the creators you hire. This can include any home page content, blogs, or even product photos.

If you’re looking to have consistent email marketing campaigns, then Trend can help with creator-generated content so that your emails maximize on conversations and are never repetitive or boring. When your content is created by professionals and custom-made for your brand, it tends to perform a lot better. With Trend’s platform, you can run promotions, specials, or other ads with content made from creators that you choose. Make sure all of your touch points are accessible and marketable. Plus, you only need to pay for exactly how much you need as opposed to paying a subscription fee and trying to get your money’s worth.

Creator Management Suite

What makes Trend even more valuable is the automation aspect of the platform. In just a few clicks, you can put together an entire marketing campaign through the creator management suite. Use one app to look at Instagram accounts and influencer profiles and message them to establish a partnership. You can track shipments for products once they’re sent to creators and you can approve or reject posts through the platform.

Once the content is made, you also get full licensing rights. That way, you can reuse it for future ads, email marketing, promotions, or even website content. Finally, the management suite also allows you to review your analyticsand figure out what’s working for your target market.

As you can see, Trend makes content marketing easy. With a curated creator network, custom content, and a creator management suite, you’ll have all the tools to execute your campaigns and reach your goals as a business!

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