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Woman Who Quit Software Job to Become Online Business Leader.

Nivetha Muralidharan‘s journey in the online business world is a compelling story of transformation, resilience, and success, marking her as a prominent figure in the e-commerce business sector.

Initially embarking on a career in software engineering after completing her B.Tech in Biotechnology, Nivetha’s entrepreneurial aspirations led her to start a part-time business. This venture was the beginning of her foray into e-commerce. In 2013, with no prior experience in this field, she embarked on her journey as an e-commerce seller. Despite facing numerous hurdles due to her unfamiliarity with the e-commerce landscape, she persevered, learning from each challenge and gradually building her expertise​​.

Nivetha’s success in e-commerce soon led her to recognise the potential in assisting others who were new to the online selling platform. She started as a freelancer, offering guidance to help individuals effectively venture into the e-commerce space. This initiative evolved into the establishment of her agency, Newgenmax, where she led a team to provide quality service in this domain. Her agency specialises in converting offline businesses to online enterprises, with a focus on Pay-Per-Click advertising and driving sales through strategic marketing​​.

Nivetha’s dedication and expertise have led Newgenmax to become a leading e-commerce marketing agency. She has trained over 35,000 individuals across India to start their e-commerce businesses, a testament to her impact and influence in this sector. Her journey is not just a personal success story but also serves as an inspiration, especially to women, demonstrating that entrepreneurial ambitions can be pursued and achieved despite societal challenges​​.

Her recent venture, the Nivetha E-academy app, celebrates her evolution from an individual seller to owning an e-commerce agency and becoming a business mentor. This app is a platform for her to share her expertise and experiences, enabling her to train and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Her vision is to continue enhancing her efforts to train a multitude of entrepreneurs every year, thereby impacting numerous lives positively by the end of the decade​​​​.

Nivetha Muralidharan’s story is a powerful example of how determination, learning from challenges, and a strong vision can lead to remarkable achievements in the online business world. Her journey is indeed a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, especially in the dynamic and evolving landscape of e-commerce.

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