‘You are always more than what you do’ – 30 quotes of the week from Indian startup journeys

‘You are always more than what you do’ – 30 quotes of the week from Indian startup journeys


Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YS, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 30 gems and insights from the week of April 12-18 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights. See also our special compilation of quotes related to India’s coronavirus responses here.

Innovate – without that you don’t have a business. Digitise – without that you would be nowhere in the future. – Vinod Kumar, SDRC International

Brokerage and recombination are at the core of innovation. – Marissa King, ‘Social Chemistry’

Every startup is a one-off event where averages are of little relevance. – Shripati Acharya, Prime Venture Partners

As companies scale from 50 people to 200 or 300 people, taking a close look at the company operating strategy is key. Converting that strategy into execution and getting work done becomes a challenge as well. – Binny Bansal

Valuation is a by-product of any business. – Raj Khosla, MyMoneyMantra

Family offices can be the friend, philosopher, and guide that scores of startup founders are often in need of through their challenging journey of entrepreneurship. – Rajmohan Krishnan, Entrust Family Office

It’s not necessarily getting the smartest and brightest on your team, but getting the ones who are loyal, who will be there through your good and bad times. – Lathika Pai, Microsoft

The importance of humour in the workplace cannot be understated. It is even more so when dealing with a remote workforce. – Manas Fuloria, Nagarro

Knowledge management helps optimise knowledge flows for innovation to organically emerge from the ranks. It also creates and nurtures communities around innovation. – Balaji Iyer, Grant Thornton


India has over 100 unicorns, that have been created just by the sheer merit of the idea. – Krishnamurthy Subramanian, Chief Economic Advisor, Govt of India

The used vehicle market is going to become more exciting, more affordable and better-used vehicles become accessible. – Samrat Gupta, Tata Motors Finance Group

While large industries often have access to government departments and senior policymakers, it is the MSMEs that actually have limited access. – Vini Mahajan, Chief Secretary, Govt of Punjab

When we live at the peripheries, every basic amenity is a privilege. – Sujatha Ramani, Enter Pollinate Group

The government has given a 50 percent rebate on (new) BIS certification of products for startups, micro-industry, and women entrepreneurs. – Piyush Goyal, Food and Consumer Affairs Minister

Women in India are leading a cultural revolution – building their businesses, paving the way for future aspiring women entrepreneurs. – Vidya Shah, EdelGive Foundation

It is never an easy task for a woman, especially a local tribal woman to stand on her own feet economically and be able to support their household requirement. – Sushana Guriya

Well-behaved or not, woman or not, each of our lives is made up of stories. – Sayantani Dasgupta, ‘Women Who Misbehave’

Art can be for entertainment or for the serious indulgence of the soul. It has a lot of contradictions and no single definition. – Sharmila Aravind, Chitra Santhe

Continue to dream freely and create fearlessly. The universe is always conspiring in favour of the brave. – Guneet Monga, ‘The Lunchbox’

Awards are a sign that you are on the right track. They allow you to tear down walls. Awards are a plus, not a purpose. – Mario Fuentes, Chitra Santhe

The most challenging part of being an artist is that there is no blueprint. Like there is not a set of tasks that you couldn’t do and be successful. You have to carve your own way. – Aditya Guglani, Qoini

Art is everywhere and is tightly integrated into the lives of people – but many live in ignorance of it or are too busy to observe art. – Madhulika Jain, Chitra Santhe

We have seen a rising trend of personalised minimalistic and premium fashion accessories in the Indian market. – Adwaita Nayar, Nykaa Fashion


There is no need to compromise on style, fun and convenience in order to follow sustainable fashion. – Aarti Kapoor, A Charmed Life

Nature provides some of the best tools to remove carbon from the atmosphere. – Lisa Jackson, Apple

No matter how many times you clean the beach unless you rid the ocean of some waste, they will wash ashore every time. – Showkath Jamal, Bay of Life Surf School

Sometimes you get it right, sometimes you don’t, but you learn from every experience and perform better the next time. – Sunil Bharti Mittal, Bharti Enterprises

If you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew. – Pocahontas

Life is much more than mobile games and binge-watching. – Anish Basu Roy, TagZ Foods

You are always more than what you do. – Abhilash Thapliyal, Aspirants

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