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Accelerate your commerce to maximize conversions using Nitrogen

The onset of the pandemic has emphasized the need for brands to establish an online presence, accelerating the focus towards improving digital customer experiences. At a time when the customers are always craving for exceptional online customer experience as provided by the likes of Amazon, Spotify or Myntra, many startups are struggling to get their basics right in terms of website and app performance.

Creating an engaging online experience might seem intimidating sometimes, but with the right tools and guidance, startups can tremendously improve the website performance thus resulting in higher conversions. Nitrogen is a new generation, omnichannel performance optimizer that helps digital retailers enhance speed, scale, and security for web and mobile applications, thus saving infrastructure costs.

Why Big Brands Choose Nitrogen?

Founded in 2017, this Swindon-based company delivered great results for its clients, which is evident by the fact that they have ensured a 30% increase in web performance, 15% reduction in infrastructure cost, 6% increase in conversion rate, 16% increase in CSAT, and 20% reduction in cart abandonment. These results, coupled with the platform’s agile process has helped them acquire clients like Puma, Barney’s, Shopper’s Stop, Aza, and Noise.

The founders say that “even though the CDN marketplace consists of heavyweights, the Nitrogen Platform stands out with its agile process and AI/ML-driven architecture.” This performance optimizer has helped several companies adopt advanced business processes and deliver enhanced user experiences along with powerful security which have resulted in increased user satisfaction and revenue.

With an aim to disrupt the online retail experience with its technology, the platform’s security layer has Deep Math, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence built into it which detects and blocks threats and reduces false positives at the same time.

Nitrogen Enhances Website Performance

The brainchild of Manoj Bubna and Gautam Gurtoo, Nitrogen provides web and mobile optimization services that results in enhanced commerce journeys and drives higher conversion.

The attention span of millennials has reduced considerably, and they don’t want to waste a second more than they want to. 53% of mobile site visits are abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load. Poor website performance results in unhappy user experience, and that’s where Nitrogen fits in. This omnichannel performance optimizer, helps brands provide their consumers with an immersive user experience through vertical specific innovative solutions.

At a time when CDNs are just focusing on website optimization, Nitrogen stands out by focusing on the whole customer journey optimization. Nitrogen accelerates the web performance and enhances user experience by using features such as predictive caching and product recommendation.

Nitrogen handles peak traffic, increasing conversions and saving on infrastructure cost by ensuring maximum origin offload. When it comes to live streaming, video on demand or OTT, users always expect quality experience, low latency and responsive application and Nitrogen achieves this with its blazingly fast 72 Tbps global premium network spread across 56 cities in 6 continents.

Nitrogen analyses customer interaction on the site to display content and products that users love and ensures instantaneous rendering of catalogue and product detail pages. The platform accelerates page load time, improves SEO, enhances user experience, and reduces bandwidth costs along with on-the-fly bad performance code removal by using its industry-first disruptive AI-based optimization. Thus, this digital experience accelerator makes websites and web applications faster, scalable, and secure with the help of features like edge computing and tiered granular caching.

Nitrogen enables brands to offer hyper-personalized experiences, recommendations, and optimizations with features like product and content recommendations, personalized search, dynamic navigation, and headless APIs. It is designed in way that helps brands reduce their Time to Market (TTM) and total cost of ownership while increasing productivity and performance at the same time.

Nitrogen Provides Advanced Security

Every ecommerce platform is vulnerable to cyber threats, thus affecting their business, revenue, and brand. According to statistics, there are 16 DDoS attacks taking place every minute. DDoS and other external attacks result in monetary damage, loss in productivity and dissatisfied customers thus affecting brand reputation. On an average, a DDoS attack costs a company around $20000 to $40000 on an hourly basis. Nitrogen tackles this issue by providing advanced security. The platform controls bot activity and ensures that only relevant traffic gets through, while the ML engine prevents DDoS and other external attacks to keep threats away.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects against cyber-attacks and DDOS protection detects and mitigates any emerging and sophisticated attacks quickly and easily. AI based detection algorithm alerts to address situations before they affect user experience.

In the age of e-commerce, the need to debug issues faster and resolve them is of utmost importance, and Nitrogen’s services provide e-tailers with an unprecedented level of insight into user interactions and server side application transactions. The platform helps in resolving the root cause with features like real user monitoring, application performance monitoring, data discovery, logs monitoring, anomaly detection, and infrastructure and uptime monitoring thus detecting and attacking the problem before even it affects the end user.

Nitrogen ensures that brands and users have a smoother and safer web experience with features like web application firewall, DDoS rate-limiting, two-factor authentication, anomaly detection, and human detector

Startups Can Avail Free Access to Nitrogen

The company aims to help startups establish a digital presence by providing them with the tools and the guidance they need to create an online retail profile.

The experience accelerator, Nitrogen is now introducing the Startup Campaign, which aims to empower such startups for free by helping them scale their business to the next level by giving them a chance to avail 6 months free access to The Nitrogen Platform’s products and services. It promises that startups can focus on their core business without worrying about delivering a fast, reliable, and safe customer experience.

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