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Advice for First-Time Warehouse Managers


The logistics that can go into managing a warehouse can be overwhelming at first. The responsibility of equipment, product, and worker safety is placed on you as the manager. Some responsibilities may even fall through the cracks during the day-to-day processes of administration. Consider some advice for first-time warehouse managers to help you carry out your duties and keep everyone safe.

Keep the Flow of Traffic in Mind

Have optimal paths for everyone on the work floor. Ensure the work of others doesn’t intersect in such a way that will interrupt the workflow throughout the warehouse. Minimizing the amount of unnecessary travel between workspaces will increase productivity due to more efficient work lanes.

Efficient Use of Floorspace

Similar to keeping traffic in mind, planning out workspaces can result in improved traffic. Make sure that each area is consolidated to their own space; the mixing of work environments can cause confusion if too many workers are bunched up in one area.

Make Room for Vehicles

Offering enough space for electric pallet jacks or forklifts also needs to come into consideration. If you can, arrange the pallet racks so as to minimize the vehicles’ intersection with areas of heavy foot traffic. They have the potential to be dangerous pieces of machinery, and the more exposure they have to high traffic areas, the chances for accidents increase.

Implement Preventative Safety Standards

Don’t wait for accidents to happen before you implement safety strategies. There are many hazards in the warehouse and safety measures you can implement as the manager to ensure workers’ safety.

Problems and Solutions to Consider

Some common problems to consider are lack of visibility, collision risks with pallet racks, and spills. Covering the entire warehouse floor with bright lighting will keep workers from accidentally bumping into other employees and sensitive objects. Having nearby and easy-to-use spill stations can give workers the means to clean up spills before others slip.

Efficiency and Planning

Always look for ways to improve the productivity of the warehouse without sacrificing safety. Communicate with workers on the floor to get their perspectives and incorporate the criticisms and shortcomings they perceive while on the job. Sometimes, the best advice for warehouse managers can come from their workers.

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