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Best premium digital voice recorders- Technology News, FP

Long battery life

The Olympus WS-852 Digital Voice Recorder comes with a built-in USB connection and has a 4GB internal memory. It is a true stereo microphone and also has auto mode adjust microphone sensitivity. It also has a simple mode and a voice filter. Other than that, one of its biggest positives lies in its long battery life of over 100 hours! You get to record over 1000 hours and it also has noise cancellation features in it, ensuring that nothing comes in the way of a proper, crisp, and clear voice recording – every single time!

External mic

The EVISTR L53 Portable Digital Voice Recorder has dedicated gain control as well as noise cancellation units to ensure you get smooth recordings every time. You get to enjoy 1536KPBS flawless audio recording and its 800mAh rechargeable battery ensures a continued performance for up to 15 hours. It has an 8GB memory which can store up to 300 hours of recordings in 64Kpbs MP3 format. It has an external microphone as well as a line-in recording to monitor recording function and being an advanced digital recorder, can easily be considered a very good gift!

Saves Space

The Sekuai 8GB 650Hr Recorder has a built-in microphone form factor and also has a hardware interface of USB 2.0. It allows for a high-quality bit rate to ensure HQ recording, along with DSP noise reduction and a 360-degree panoramic recording to ensure clear and crisp recordings always! This voice recorder automatically omits silent periods to ensure saving of space, recording time as well as power consumption. Also, this USB digital recorder can autosave a recording before there is a power outage. It is really easy to use and can store up to 145 hours of recording time as well!

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