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Creating B2B Podcasts That Rise Above The Noise –

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It’s never impressive to hear someone say they have a podcast. Making a podcast is easy! I have one that’s nearly a decade old and 400 episodes strong. The hard part is getting people to listen. My personal podcast has maybe 200 monthly listeners and brings in just enough in donations to pay for our web host. And at that, we have 198 more listeners than a lot of podcasts out there. The barrier to entry is low… but if you’re a B2B brand looking to engage with potential buyers, you’re going to want to aim higher.How do you make a B2B podcast that actually gets listened to? One that inspires people to subscribe and tell their friends about it? It’s simple:1) Use everything you know about content marketing to create and promote it, and 2) Make sure it’s polished, professional, unique and engagingSo simple! Here’s how to make a B2B podcast that rises above the noise.

B2B Podcasting Tips for Creation, Promotion and Beyond

It’s tempting to jump into podcasting the easy way: Interview some employees and executives, record to an MP3, and post away. But creating a successful business podcast requires more strategy and production than your average hobbyist would do. 

#1: Create a Content Strategy

You wouldn’t write a single blog post without doing research and strategizing (right? Don’t tell me if you would). And that’s to say nothing of an entire series of blog posts that takes hours of time to write and edit. Finding the right subject matter and understanding your audience are fundamental, foundational layers for content marketing.The same due diligence that marketers do for content should apply to podcasting. Before you record a single word, you should know:Who your audience is. How can you personalize your content to appeal to the job title, experience level, vertical and personal experience of that audience?What your audience wants to know. Use tools like SEMrushAnswer the Public, and BuzzSumo to see what people are searching for and what terms they’re using to search for it.What burning questions you can answer. Your sales and customer service teams can be key for this one. Find out where deals are getting stuck for sales, and what frequently asked questions your customer service folks are encountering.At the end of all that research, you should have a good idea of the topics to put in your

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Title: Creating B2B Podcasts That Rise Above The Noise
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