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Four Essential FAQs About Food Prep Refrigerators

Refrigerated prep tables are indispensable for any foodservice enterprise. They combine the need for a refrigerator with an accessible cutting board, so you can swiftly and easily compile your ingredients to produce signature and customer-satisfying dishes.

Why do I need a food prep refrigerator?

Hot or cold foods are essential for any foodservice business. Whether they are served as sandwiches, burgers, nuggets, or even pizza, these types of foods need to be kept cool or hot while prepared. Most businesses require large commercial refrigerators for food prep. 

If your restaurant is located in a high heat area like Arizona, Florida, New York City, or Texas, a refrigerator is a necessity. You will find that any refrigerator you choose will need to be equipped with two condenser coils, heat pump, compressor, fan, door thermostat, and ice maker. A food prep refrigerator will allow you to cut and slice and dice while helping keep the prep area cool.

What are the benefits of a food prep refrigerator?

Every food service establishment, or any kitchen in general, needs a refrigerator that fits the needs of the employees. From large to small, many refrigerators offers standard food prep fridges from 30’ – 60’ and adjustable height fridges from 35’ — 100’ in the restaurant, manufacturing, and office products departments. 

A quality food prep refrigerator ensures your business meets the CDC’s standards for commercial food preparation. 

How do I know what size food prep refrigerator I need?

Choosing the right refrigerator and then choosing the correct commercial-grade freezer is a critical task, for two reasons. The first is that the size of the refrigerator determines the number of condenser coils necessary to get a typical freezer to function properly. The second is that the location and maintenance costs associated with the refrigerator and freezer are also very important. 

Large refrigerators are not appropriate for rental restaurants. Large condenser coils are also less effective than small coils for chilling. Larger condenser coils can be expensive to maintain. A good rule of thumb is to look for a freezer that has a solid flat bottom with an appropriate power cable. Larger and heavier units usually have an attached flat-top refrigerator.

What are the best brands of food prep refrigerators?

Several popular brands exist for the purpose of supplying food prep refrigerators. Quality-wise, you will need to decide on the brand and look for the features that are essential. Make sure that it is suitable for the specific size of your food prep area. 

A professional food prep refrigerator from a top-quality manufacturer will help you offer excellent service. Look for a unit with an integral water dispenser, good space for storing large amounts of condiments, and/or a rotisserie cooling system. 

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There are various applications in kitchens that use refrigerated prep tables. These include jellies, sauces, dressings, spices, cocktails, and many others.

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