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Inside YouTuber Madan Gowri’s content creation journey

Madan Gowri, recently, was in the news for receiving a series of responses from Elon Musk after mentioning him in a tweet about launching Tesla cars in India

One of South India’s biggest YouTubers, Madan says Musk’s response to his tweet was unexpected since the Tesla CEO usually replies to people who have very few followers. “I’m a huge fan of Elon Musk. It was a fanboy moment for me,” he says. 

He adds that the difficult part was to come up with a response — an apt and yet, politically correct response — to Musk’s tweet. 

Madan Gowri

The YouTuber life

Madan Gowri spreads awareness about relevant issues in the current times through his YouTube channel, which has a whopping 5.29 million subscribers and 937, 494, 086 views

All of Madan’s videos are opinionated and political, but he ensures to take the side of the larger population in every issue.

Madan explains that his content creation process is quite simple, which does not involve a lot of planning. Madan does not work with a proper script. He reads the topic and understands it clearly, and turns on his camera and starts speaking. “I just make videos. There’s no army. Just a single common man,” he says. 

Madan says the interest in the English language in India is very less. Although it is widely used in the professional space, Indians prefer their regional language over English.

Earlier in his channel, Madan used to post his videos in both English and Tamil language. However, when Tamil got more traction than English, he stuck to making videos in Tamil.

Madan advises budding influencers and YouTubers to start making videos instead of thinking about making videos. It does not matter what format of the video is chosen or what equipment is available, it is important to just start doing it. “Take the first step, that’s half the battle, and be consistent,” he says.

He says monetisation is the most important part of content creation. The monetisation aspect helped him make this his full-time job.

However, he says he would have continued making videos even though there was no money. “Nothing would have changed without the money. The money actually enables you to make it better,” says Madan. 

During a rapid-fire round, Madan shared his unfulfilled dream of taking an interview with Steve Jobs, making content rich in social justice, inclusivity, and happiness, and more.

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