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Must have games for PS4- Technology News, FP

For spies & hackers

The second installment in the critically acclaimed franchise, Watch Dogs 2 brings the best parts of Watch Dogs and then some. Developer Ubisoft really nailed the mechanics in this one and the open-world map is even more big and dynamic than the previous one. This game has both CO-OP & Player vs Player activities meaning you can choose to play with friends or alone. This will definitely keep you hooked. PS4 players also get to play DLCs a whole 30 days ahead of the rest of the world.

For brutal fighters

The franchise has lasted almost an entire decade. Mortal Kombat 11 needs no introduction to the world of fighting games. This version of MK features better graphics with up to 60 FPS support and enhanced character customization that introduces more dynamism to the fighting skills. The cinematic story mode continues from the previous game and new characters are introduced every now and then.

For explorers

Uncharted is a first-party PlayStation franchise meaning it is exclusive for PlayStation players. This 4th part is a continuation of Nathan Drake’s journey through the globe which features incredible environments, challenges, and beautiful landscapes. PS4 players also have the chance to play it up to 4K as the console supports it. The story & the franchise are already critically acclaimed so there is little to no surprise you would definitely enjoy playing it.

Favorite game

Now, GTA needs no introduction. Ever since it came into the mainstream market with its Vice-City franchise, Grand Theft Auto has continued to make a marvel of a franchise one after another. Want to be a rockstar? A pilot? A drug lord with millions of dollars? Well, now you can fulfill all your wishes and then some by playing with friends and going on missions of epic proportions. What’s more, is that GTA V also has a lot of hidden easter eggs that players are continuing to find to this day. Thousands of hours have been clocked by players all over the world and the reason is pretty clear – this game is addictive.

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