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Step Right Up! How to Drive Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

There are around 13,000 trade shows in the U.S every year. That’s 40% of all exhibitions around the globe.

Attending trade shows lets you raise awareness of your brand, showcase your latest products, and connect with your target market. Perhaps you’re struggling to draw a crowd at your exhibition and you’re looking for tips. Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is how to drive traffic to your trade show booth.

Tease Your Booth Before the Event 

A surefire way to attract visitors is to start promoting the trade show in advance. Use your email contact list to send out invites and offer them VIP access to your show. You should also advertise the show on your site, trade publication ads, and even on invoices.

In the months leading up to the trade show, ask influencers in your industry to post about it to further your reach. You should also share photos and videos to get people excited about what the finished booth will look like.

Further, use targeted social media ads to entice your ideal customer and use the trade show’s hashtag to reach more prospects.  

Make Your Trade Booth Memorable

Leverage your trade show booth design so that it’s eye-catching and memorable.

Display cutting-edge graphics and get creative with your location to intrigue customers. You should also hang ads or banners from the ceiling so attendees can spot your booth from far away. If you’re struggling with the aesthetics, contact and they’ll create a sleek trade show booth for you.

Aside from the design, your employees must be well-groomed and look professional. Whether they’re wearing suits or matching t-shirts, customers should know who to talk to if they’re interested.  

Create an Inviting Environment

You’ve brainstormed trade show booth ideas, got the finished product, now you must create an inviting environment for attendees. Many will spend hours on their feet so lay down spongey floor mats and provide seating.

As they rest, you have more time to engage and drive your sales message so they turn into customers. And if you can, rent 4G internet providers for several days, so you can offer free WiFi for participants, a fantastic way to lure them in.  

Hire Live Music

Businesses who want to improve traffic to their booth should hire live entertainment. Good music sparks intrigue and helps you stand out from your competitors. So hire a DJ, band, or an emcee to keep your booth’s energy flowing and attendees arriving. 

If music isn’t relevant to your brand, book a celebrity speaker to draw a crowd. Ask them to mingle afterwards and sign autographs so attendees have a lasting impression of your booth. 

Create a Comment Wall

Dedicate a wall for comments so attendees can leave feedback about your products and booth. You can either get a giant white or blackboard depending on your preference.

Plus, display your custom hashtag and social media channels so attendees know where to find you online. 

Hand Out Swag

Struggling to drive traffic? Then offer crowds an incentive.

For instance, you could hand out price promotions, a trade show discount, and promotional swag. The latter stands for “stuff we all get” and it’s effective in any industry.

This is a brilliant way to drive traffic as it reinforces your brand and lets prospects connect with you. A bonus is when they use your swag in their day-to-day, it will expose others to your business too.

So load up on key rings, tote bags, and t-shirts to hand out and further your reach. 

Offer Food and Drink

Free food and beverages are guaranteed to attract attendees as many don’t have time to find the nearest eatery. So fill the gap by offering water bottles, chips, and bartender-quality coffee.

But don’t let your efforts go to waste, it’s important to mingle in the refreshment area to secure leads. 

Hold a Contest

Contests are a great way to engage attendees especially when a desirable prize is up for grabs. You needn’t base a competition around your product either, simply ask attendees to guess the number of items in a container, solve a riddle, or spin the prize wheel. 

Or host an industry-related quiz as it taps into people’s competitive instincts. Plus, quizzes are informative which benefits everyone.  

Invite Attendees to an After Party

As prospects arrive at your booth, invite them to an after-event bash. Aside from making your brand memorable, it gives you an extra chance to connect with prospects. If you’re worried about the costs, divide it with several other booths to have a memorable night.  

Have Live Demos

You can attract a large crowd by having live demonstrations of your products.

When attendees notice a small group forming, they’ll be desperate to take a peek at your demonstration. Further, attendees will remember your product easier after the demonstration rather than in a video. And don’t forget to record any live demonstrations as it’s great for online content.  

You can also offer an educational workshop as you’re giving attendees value. It also shows you’re credible and solidifies you as an industry expert. 

That’s How to Drive Traffic to a Trade Show Booth

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to drive traffic to your trade show booth. 

Attract crowds by using cutting-edge booth design, handing out promotional swag, and creating an inviting atmosphere. You can also lure attendees by hosting contests, offering free refreshments, and showing live demonstrations. Good luck! 

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