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Tips For Doing A Remote Interview From Your Apartment

Remote interviewing has become the norm in a world under lockdown. Unfortunately, it means that you’re competing against a far larger pool of applicants. And while you may be experienced with interviewing, doing so in your apartment may count against you for various reasons. Here are three tips for doing a remote interview from your apartment. 

Make the Apartment Background Professional 

We can make fun of selfies taken in the bathroom with unflattering beauty products or a mess of dirty clothes behind us. However, the impact is far more significant if an interview sees a messy room behind someone who put “conscientiousness” on their resume. If your literal environment implies terrible habits and questionable morals, it will count against you, too.

One solution is finding a background for the video interview that works in your favor. For example, filling a bookcase with your college textbooks or the awards you’ve won is a discreet way of showing off. It is undoubtedly better than a generic green screen. If this isn’t an option, then find an open wall with tasteful art.

Be careful of using a window as background since the glare may make it hard for the interviewer to see you. And you can’t control what goes on behind you. That’s why a modern dining room wall in Link Apartments® Mixson is better than the garden area where anyone could come in behind you.

Another option is setting up a virtual background. Make sure that the virtual background is professional. For example, use a professional bookcase or office setting instead of beaches that imply you’d rather be on vacation. Just don’t have a silly filter that interferes with your attempt to appear professional. 

Dress the Part 

While the job interview may be taking place in your home, dress like you’re going to work. If it is a professional position, dress the part. For men, this means a suit and tie. For women, it is a professional suit or equivalent. Have your resume nearby so that you can refer to it as necessary. Better yet, have a printed version of it up so that you look like you’re referring to notes instead of looking at something on the screen instead of making “eye contact” with the interviewer. 

Remove the Distractions 

Suppose you have a professional background like a wall of diplomas or a bookcase full of professional books behind you. You’re dressed in a suit or other suitable attire. You’ll still undermine their case for hiring you if you’re distracted. This is why you must remove the distractions from the room before the interview.

Turn off your cell phone just before the interview starts if you don’t put it on silent so that the job interview isn’t interrupted by someone calling you to gossip. Lock animals out of the room so that they don’t serve as a distraction. The hard part is dealing with kids. They can open doors or scream for attention, and they’re much more challenging to ignore than a pet. Ask your partner to take care of them or hire a babysitter for the interview time slot. Don’t assume they’ll be asleep or quiet during nap time. 

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