You are currently viewing Top 30 CTOs list, Reverse Job Fair, conversations on Web3, crypto, blockchain and more

Top 30 CTOs list, Reverse Job Fair, conversations on Web3, crypto, blockchain and more

The final day of YourStory’s Future of Work conference 2022 ended with a series of action-packed sessions as industry stalwarts took the stage.

Web3.0, crypto, blockchain, AI (artificial intelligence), gig economy, future trends, challenges ahead and leaders’ vision — the sessions cut through all aspects of reimagining and reshaping the future of work for the next generation of workforce.

The day kicked off with a deep insight on the journey of Prashant Malik, the Co-creator of Apache Cassandra, a distributed database management system, originally developed at Facebook (now Meta) for their inbox search feature and his foray into Web3.

“Practical experience gives us more of an idea or intuition, which keeps us going and that’s what made me build this platform,” said Prashant.

Sriram Lakshminarayan, Director of Engineering, Coinbase, then turned attention towards the changing world of crypto.

This was followed by a thought-provoking panel discussion on ‘Collaborating to innovate and accelerate growth’ with panellists Mani Bansal, Vice-President Engineering, BYJU’S; Manish Mittal, Head of Products and PM Site Lead India, Atlassian; Ira Pradhan, Director, Global Internal Communications, Freshworks; and Norman Sequeira, Director, Cloud Solution Architect team, Microsoft.

Sanjeev Barnwal, Founder and CTO (chief technology officer), Meesho; Vaibhav Sisinty, Founder and CEO (chief executive officer), GrowthSchool; Deep Ganatra CTO, The Good Glamm Group; Kevin Freitas, CHRO (chief human resources officer), Dream11 (Dream Sports); Puneet Gupta, CTO, HomeLane; Mohit Malik, CTO, Chaayos; Rajesh Jalan, CTO and Head of Engineering, CropIn Tech, among others, further shared their inputs on the challenges and opportunities ahead for the Indian startup ecosystem.

With the launch of ‘Top 30 CTOs’ report, YourStory put a spotlight on tech leaders, who have been instrumental in building unique, impactful and differentiated products for businesses, and in effect, the end consumer.

The list includes individuals who have built products from scratch and turbocharged them to scale, who have built newer layers of technology to create a better product, who have steered phenomenal research work in tech, and have displayed extraordinary tech talent and appreciation for cutting-edge technology for some time now.

The day 2 of the Future of Work conference also saw India’s first-ever Reverse Job Fair — an event where CPOs and CTOs pitched jobs and helped find the right match at their organisations. The pitch was presented by Gunjan Lalchandani, Head – Strategy and Growth, Hero Vired.

“At Hero Vired we are solving the problem of employability. The kind of skillset which the industry requires, the graduates don’t come with it and hence there’s a gap. Fifty-five percent of professional graduates are unemployable,” she said.

Check out all sessions on day 2 here.

Edited by Sanhati Banerjee

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