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Top Tips For Productivity With Your New Startup

If you’re running a startup or getting ready to run one, being as productive and efficient as possible is probably a priority. How can you help ensure that both you and your employees are productive? The suggestions below can all help.

Get Your House in Order

Running a startup can be all-consuming. If you are distracted by your own money issues and other outside problems, it’s going to be difficult to give it the attention that you need. Before you get started or as soon as possible if you are already in business, you should make an effort to streamline the rest of your life as much as possible for the next year or two. 

Make all your payments automatic. Hire someone to clean your house from time to time. If you have a family, talk to them about how everyone can pitch in to keep things at home running smoothly. If you have money worries, this is a good time to organize your finances as well, especially if you want to have some of your own cash available to put toward the business. To pay off any high-interest debt, you might want to consider taking out a loan. Looking into personal loans from a private lender can offer lower interest rates that can save you money.

Avoid Micromanaging

One of the worst ways that you can hamper the productivity of your organization is through micromanagement. Learning to delegate is crucial. You can’t do everything yourself, and you can’t hold up production while you ensure that everything is done to your satisfaction. Instead, you need to select people to work for you whom you trust to do a great job. Encouraging autonomy will also drive motivation and help people take ownership of their positions. In addition, you will create a culture that prizes trust and transparency, an environment that runs more smoothly than one where no one is quite sure of their responsibilities or their standing.

Communicate Efficiently

The meeting that could have been an email is a business cliche these days, and it can be tempting to think that you can operate more efficiently with texting or messaging tools. In fact, face-to-face communication or picking up the phone and having a two-minute conversation is often more efficient than trying to communicate in writing. One advantage of having a standing meeting is that you can create a work culture in which people are able to spend time doing deep, uninterrupted work rather than being constantly interrupted by companywide messaging systems or emails.

Spend Smart

Instead of spending more, spend smart. Too often, startups throw a lot of money at marketing without examining what works best. Instead, figure out where your audience is and how to most effectively reach them. Even if your startup has plenty of money from investors, that’s no reason to waste it. You may want to consider whether joining an accelerator would be right for your company. These are organizations that can help connect you to mentors, capital and even office space and can help prepare you to go big when the time is right.

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