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Why it is important to woo digital customers with personalised content

It’ll take your customer just one second to move to the competition if not provided with exactly what they need for their brand. With so many options freely available in the market, a client looks for someone who can specifically cater to their needs. Personalisation in marketing is the only solution to stand out from a huge pool of brands.

Customers now tend to gravitate towards brands that understand their needs and fulfil them. By using methods that are personalised yet not intrusive brands can provide an experience that will compel customers to return to the same brand over and over again. It sends out a message to each customer that they’re all heard and looked at as individual clients and not as just as a flock.

Advanced technologies have made it easier for brands to personalise their products and services according to their customers. Simple things like sending an email with a recipient’s name prove to be quite effective and enhance conversion.

People are now accustomed to receiving recommendations based on their past searches or purchases that make their shopping experience more streamlined.

One of the most effective and well-known examples of personalised marketing doing wonders for a brand is when Coca-Cola Australia launched the ‘Share your Coke’ campaign in 2011. The campaign was started to stir demand for a soft drink among young adults of Australia.

They printed 150 of the most popular Australian names on Coke bottles and asked people to ‘Share a Coke with…’. The campaign was a huge hit and went on to win numerous effectiveness awards across the globe. If something like this could have been such a hit back in 2011, we’re way ahead in 2021.

Mentioned below are a few of the many reasons why brands should shift their complete focus towards putting out personalised content for their customers.

Ensure segmented targeting

Segregating your customers and targeting the needs of a particular segment is an age-old effective technique used by marketers. But mere segmentation based on keyword searches or anything generic is not enough anymore. People’s expectations of specificity have increased to levels where it almost feels like Amazon should know what the customer wants to purchase even before they type it.

Connect with customers more deeply

When a customer receives recommendations personalised to their liking it automatically pleases them and makes them feel valued. If more and more customers feel the same about your brand, it will lead to higher conversions and more repeat purchases.

You need to make your customers feel at home and for that, every interaction they have with your brand from start to end should be personalised.

Personify your brand

You need to build an identity for yourself to provide individual contextual experiences to your customers. Your customers need to know who are the faces behind the business to build trust in the brand. You should also be very approachable as it makes them more comfortable.

In today’s Instagram-friendly world, entrepreneurs often conduct live sessions on their social media platforms, which allows customers to know them better.

Provide effective recommendations

Think of today’s recommendations that we get on emails or our social media as personal helpers for people. Many ecommerce websites have made very useful additions of recommendation features like ‘you may like this’ or ‘because you searched for’ based on their customers’ previous searches and purchases. Such features act as good replacements for suggestions taken by friends and family.

Increase sales and conversions

Ultimately, personalised marketing provides the customer with pleasing experiences, and is a great way to give a boost to your sales and conversions. If efficient personalisation is provided to customers, they will surely stick to your brand and increase your loyal clientele.

Personalisation has become a necessity when it comes to a brand’s marketing strategy. Use this weapon well to increase sales and nurture a huge customer base.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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